body feather decorations

Semantic Field
Part of Speech
Meaning Spanish
Meaning Portuguese


Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Etymology Notes Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source Created By
Gumatj buḻuk inheritance Claire Bowern
Ritharrngu burluk inheritance Claire Bowern
Bardi ilma semantic shift Claire Bowern
Yulparija martukuru inheritance Claire Bowern
Walmajarri pinkirr semantic shift feather WW %pinkirr feather Patrick McConvell
Mudburra tiyatiya loan Jingulu down; painted on body with blood or honey WW %tiyatiya Patrick McConvell
Gurindji martukurru loan Ngarinyin mixture of ochre and down; Ngarinyin matakuri 'down' WW %matakuri Patrick McConvell
Gooniyandi pinkiti loan Walmajarri feather feather Patrick McConvell
Jingulu tiyartiya loan Mudburra decorational down WW %tiyatiya Patrick McConvell
Miriwung mintyalng semantic shift feather Patrick McConvell