Does adjective root reduplication mean ‘very’ X?

Morphology - General


Language Feature Status Grammatical Notes Source Created By Etymology Notes General Notes Phylogenetic Code
Bardi no done-Claire 0
Yugambeh Y?
Yorta Yorta no info done x
Yir Yoront Done-Dan
Yindjibarndi no info done-Dan x
Yidiny yes done-Catherine 1
Yanyuwa no info Done-Austin x
Yandruwandha no 106-7 Done-Dan 0
Yan-nhangu not yet
Yalarnnga no 13, 51 Done-Dan 0
Woiwurrung no info done-Amalia x
Wirangu yes 45 done 1
Wemba-Wemba no H 26 done-Amalia 0
Warumungu No 17 done-Amalia 0
Warlpiri no done 0
Wangkumara no info done X
Walmajarri not done yet Done-Claire X
Uradhi No 351 Y 0
Paakantyi no info 182 Y-Hannah X
Pitta-Pitta yes 212 Done-Amalia 1
Pintupi no info done-Hannah x
Nyungar no info done x
Nyangumarta not done yet done X
Nhanta no 72 Done-Hannah 0
Ngiyambaa no 70 Done-Emily 0
Ngayawang No info done-Amalia x
Muruwari no info 82 Done-Dan x
Mayi-Yapi No 35 done 0
Martuthunira n/a 34-35 and word list done 0
Marrgany No 311 Done-Amalia 0
Kuuk Thaayorre Yes 203 Done-Amalia 1
Kuku Yalanji no 61 Done-Jessica 0
Kugu-Nganhcara No info done-Amalia x
Kaurna yes 15 done-Amalia 1
Kalkatungu yes 94 Done-Dan 1
Jaru no info Done-Amalia x
Guugu-Yimidhirr yes 62 Done-Amalia 1
Gureng Gureng no info Done-Amalia x
Gumbaynggirr no 253 done-Amalia 0
Gugu-Badhun yes 98, 158 done-Jessica 1
Yuwaalaraay No info 40-6 x
Dyirbal No 242 done-Amalia 0
Duungidjawu no info done x
Djinang No 127 Done-Amalia 0
Djabugay done
Diyari yes 58 done-Hannah 1
Dharawal no info done-Hannah w Dhurga) x
Darkinyung no info done x
Bularnu no info Done-Austin x
Biri no info 32 done-Jessica x
Bidjara-Gungabula no info done-Jessica x
Batyala Yes 4 Done-Amalia 1
Arabana yes 99 Done-Dan 1
Alyawarr no info done X
Nyikina no info done-Claire x
Yawuru Y-Claire
Yulparija No 51 Done-Amalia 0
Wathawurrung no 84 done 0
Mathi-Mathi no info done-Amalia x
Hunter River and Lake Macquarie yes 67 done-Amalia 1
Thanggati yes 17-18 done 1
Katthang yes 48 done-Amalia 1
Panyjima n/a 136 done 0
Ngarinyeri No info done-Amalia x
Kurrama no info done-Dan x
Yingkarta no info Done-Claire x
Githabul No 6 Done-Amalia 0
Gunya No 311 Done-Amalia 0
Kunjen yes 68 Done- 1
WesternTorres no info done x
Wakaya no info done x
Yindjilindji no info done x
Bandjalang No 34 Done-Amalia 0
Ngaatjatjara yes 77 done 1
Arrernte No 111 0
Kokatha No 58 0
Karajarri No 100 Done-Amalia 0
Pitjantjatjara No G 144 0
Ritharrngu No 23 Done-Amalia 0
Warrgamay Yes 35 Done-Amalia 1
Warluwarra no info Done-Amalia x
Warnman no info Done-Amalia x
Jingulu done X
Wambaya done X
Bunuba done X
Nyulnyul no info done? x
Warrwa no info done x
Worrorra no 50 done 0
Garrwa no info done X
Gooniyandi done X
Djapu yes 47 1
Bilinarra no info done x
Wiradjuri no info done x
Aghu-Tharnggala No info 52 Y2 x
Narungga No info done x
Tharrkari No 24 0
Wajarri No 67-9 0
Warungu no 0
Adnyamathanha Y2