bag (string)

Semantic Field
Part of Speech
Meaning Spanish
Meaning Portuguese


Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Etymology Notes Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source Created By
Yir-Yoront kunh (also thawl, ngow, depending on weave) netting stitch dillybag inheritance *kuña pPama-Maric, Mayi Barry Alpher
Dhay’yi ganybu inheritance Claire Bowern
Ngumbarl <ba:loo> inheritance Claire Bowern
Gumatj bandak unique Claire Bowern
Gupapuyngu bathi inheritance Claire Bowern
Dhuwal bathi inheritance Claire Bowern
Djinang batyi inheritance Claire Bowern
Dhangu batyi inheritance Claire Bowern
Yan-nhangu dyerrk loan Burarra Claire Bowern
Ritharrngu ganybu inheritance Claire Bowern
Nimanburru inbukunujin semantic shift Claire Bowern
Jabirr-Jabirr karraki loan direction unknown cf jaru Claire Bowern
Yawuru kurdarn loan Karajarri Claire Bowern
Nyangumarta kurtan loan direction unknown areal Claire Bowern
Karajarri kutan loan direction unknown areal Claire Bowern
Nyulnyul madaŋanar inheritance Claire Bowern
Burarra maladyaŋgarra unique Claire Bowern
Yulparija martangan unique Claire Bowern
Nyikina mataŋana inheritance Claire Bowern
Bardi payki loan English Claire Bowern
Mangala tyampulu inheritance Claire Bowern
Rembarrnga tyerr’ loan direction unknown Claire Bowern
Walmajarri martangan loan Nyikina not in R&H dict; not in R&H dict; Patrick McConvell
Jaru wukurtini unique Patrick McConvell
Gurindji wananga loan Ngaliwurru Ngaliwurru wanak; could be opposite direction Ngaliwurru wanak; could be opposite direction Patrick McConvell
Gooniyandi karratyki unknown hairstring bag Patrick McConvell
Bunuba wiyitiy unique Patrick McConvell
Gajirrabeng tupuluty unknown ?< marsupial pouch; also karlarr loan <Mir. Patrick McConvell
Djapu bathi inheritance Claire Bowern
Wardaman tupuluty unknown also karlarr < Gajirrabeng 'net'; kinan WW %tupuluty Patrick McConvell
Jingulu wukurtini loan Mudburra semantic shift <marsupial pouch wukurti Mud, Patrick McConvell