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Meaning Spanish
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Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Etymology Notes Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source
Cahuilla triiwa7a wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex
Cupeño triiwa wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo Hill & Nolasquez 1973
Luiseño $aaxish grain, wheat inheritance *saki Uto-Aztecan Hill 2007 BLS other complex Eliott 1999
Gabrielino missing missing
Serrano trīwa7 wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex K. Hill Dict.
Kitanemuk tariwï7 wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex Anderton 1988
Tübatulabal missing missing
Bankalachi Toloim missing missing
Kawaiisu missing missing
Chemehuevi 7atsi/tA wheat loan Mojave simplex Harrington's Chemehuevi Noun List (K. C. Hill 1969)
Southern Paiute missing missing
Southern Ute 7ugwi-vy-vI wheat semantic shift from 'grass' Hill/Miller hu-09 other complex Givon
Tümpisa Shoshone tatiiwaittsi wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo other complex maybe influenced by wai 'grass seed'?? Dayley 1989
Big Smokey Valley Shoshone missing missing
Comanche tohtia masya7 wheat unique phrase R
Western Mono piniikU7 wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex Loether & Bethel 1993
Northern Paiute sonibihi- wheat semantic shift *soni Uto-Aztecan Liljeblad et al.2012:460
Southern Sierra Miwok tili:ko wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex Broadbent 1964
Central Sierra Miwok missing missing
Northern Sierra Miwok tili:ku- wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex Callaghan 1987
Plains Miwok tili:ku wheat loan Spanish simplex Callaghan 1984
Lake Miwok tilíiku wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo possibly from Western Wappo tíli:kù7 or S. Pomo tilí:ku simplex Callaghan 1965
Maidu missing missing
Nisenan tilu:ku wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex Uldall & Shipley 1966
Yokuts Yawelmani missing missing
Yokuts Yawdanchi missing missing
Yokuts Palewyami missing missing
Washo wí:t wheat loan English WW %wheat simplex Washo Project Dictionary
Wintu tili:kus wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex Schlichter 1981
Yuki k'ilič wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo must have intermediate lg. simplex Sawyer & Schlichter 1984
Wappo tíli:ku7 wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex Sawyer 1965
Mutsun missing missing
Esselen missing missing
Salinan A missing missing
Salinan M missing unknown
Chumash Obispeno missing missing
Chumash Ineseno tiliwu wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex Applegate 1972
Chumash Barbareno missing missing
Chumash Ventureno missing missing
Iipay 'Aa trriig wheat loan Spanish WW %trigo simplex Couro & Hutcheson 1973
Cocopa nYpa: xa:nY white man's wheat semantic shift Proto-Yuman Kiliwa has same word phrase Distichlis palmeri plus be.new Crawford 1989
Mojave 7ahchet wheat semantic shift must be a grass word simplex 7ahche 'type of grass' Munro et al. 1992
Yavapai missing missing
Kiliwa npaay wheat (unknown aboriginal referent) semantic shift Proto-Yuman Cocopa has same word simplex Mixco 1985
Seri (Comcaac) missing missing