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Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Etymology Notes Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source
Cahuilla missing missing
Cupeño peyish pinole inheritance *pyji- Cupan other complex Hill & Nolasquez 1973
Luiseño pooyish pinole inheritance *pyji- Cupan other complex Elliott 1999
Gabrielino pee'r-kāCH (M), a:xe (H 511) pinole, mohi: (H511) mush of wild oats inheritance *7aki Northern Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 782; I think is early loan from Chumashan other complex Merriam 49:109
Serrano hakwei'č pinole with chia unique other complex K. Hill Dict.
Kitanemuk pohkinic mashed? H:mush; name for ball of islay when all made unique derived, other complex Anderton 1988
Tübatulabal u'ūkil gruel unique hāyil 'thick gray-colored gruel' other complex K. Hill Tb>Eng
Bankalachi Toloim missing missing
Kawaiisu missing missing
Chemehuevi sa7apI atole, mush inheritance *sa7a Uto-Aztecan boil derived Harrington Chemehuevi Noun List (K. Hill 1969)
Southern Paiute wa7aishy7appI mush made of grass seeds unique compound, other complex wa7ai-sa7a-py 'grass.seed-boil-ABS Sapir
Southern Ute paasapI cooked cereal, gruel, grits, mush inheritance *pasV- Northern Uto-Aztecan the 'chia' word other complex Givon
Tümpisa Shoshone kottsappi Gravy, soup, gruel, mush unique other complex Dayley 1989
Big Smokey Valley Shoshone kwini" gruel (made of pine nuts) semantic shift looks like acorn word??? simplex Crapo 1976
Comanche koo7 mush, cornmeal mush unique simplex R
Western Mono missing missing
Northern Paiute missing missing
Southern Sierra Miwok missing missing
Central Sierra Miwok túj:u- mush of seeds inheritance Proto-Sierra Miwok simplex Freeland & Broadbent 1960
Northern Sierra Miwok tuju- pinole inheritance Proto-Sierra Miwok simplex Callaghan 1987
Plains Miwok lotu:pu- cereal, mush unique simplex Callaghan 1984
Lake Miwok 7úşkun pinole, balls of powdered manzanita inheritance *7úşkun Proto-Western Miwok Callaghan 1970:100 simplex Callaghan 1965
Maidu missing missing
Nisenan c'u:je mush unique looks familiar, but not Mins simplex Uldall & Shipley 1966
Yokuts Yawelmani missing missing
Yokuts Yawdanchi lŏ'-kew pinole unknown unique in Kroeber's list; Wikchamni (Ko-yet-te originally at Porterville) simplex Merriam 44:443
Yokuts Palewyami missing missing
Washo missing missing
Wintu missing missing
Yuki wo7oT pinole inheritance *woT' Proto-Yukian Looks P-Yukian, Wappo wá7te simplex Schlichter 1985
Wappo wá7te pinole inheritance Proto-Yukian Yuki wo7oT simplex Elmendorf 1993
Mutsun kurkah pinole (mush) unknown imini, ot-eme Mason 1916:433; rits 'coarse pinole' Mason 434 simplex koo-rah 'pinole seed' (Madia?) Merriam 39:109 Okrand 1977
Esselen amúxe pinole unknown the 7am- part looks like the Salinan 'food' word simplex Shaul 1995
Salinan A ta/tukat meal of seeds unknown simplex Mason 1918
Salinan M missing missing
Chumash Obispeno tskisini pinole unknown also tpi7na 'pinole de guata amarillo 0267; looks like Yokkuts te:pin 'acorn mush' JHH simplex Harrington
Chumash Ineseno i-wa-hoc meal of seeds unknown in same row as good form for Ventureno derived resulative -Vsh Henshaw (Heizer 1955)
Chumash Barbareno 7oqtokuš pinole unknown Henshaw has ki-weth 'meal of seeds' derived oqtokok 'toast corn for pinole meal' Beeler 1978
Chumash Ventureno 7it'epeš chia mush inheritance *epe 'chia' Proto-Chumashan derived Applegate 1973 ms
Iipay 'Aa pinool pinole loan Spanish WW %pinole simplex Couro & Hutcheson 1973
Cocopa pinó:l pinole, ground roasted wheat (and possibly corn) loan Spanish WW %pinole simplex Crawford 1989
Mojave 7ahchet uuaaly gruel unknown note the 'wheat' word; also pinool phrase wheat Munro et al. 1992
Yavapai smUkWīna U is l.c. with subdot gruel unknown simplex Shaterian 1983
Kiliwa missing missing
Seri (Comcaac) hapáha pinole (haarina de mezquite) unknown simplex Moser & Marlett 2005