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Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Etymology Notes Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source
Cahuilla hew'a (inal) web inheritance *hywaC Northern Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 2406; clearly extended to snare as per dictionary entries' Merriam has lah-me-ah 'any kind of trap' 48:339 other complex Seiler & Hioki 1979
Cupeño chakwilya'ash trap unique Merriam has lă-pă'-che-las 'any trap' 48:501 derived, other complex from 'catch' Hill & Nolasquez 1973
Luiseño orilash trap unique Merriam 49:21 saw-tish 'deadfall' derived, other complex Elliott 1999
Gabrielino ho-ah-chō't snare inheritance *hy7aC Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 2406 other complex Merriam 49:101
Serrano mĕr'-tah kin'-e-what snare unique phrase Merriam 48:179
Kitanemuk wüpšaha-t trap (gen.) unique Merriam ho-ah 'snare' 48:99 other complex Anderton 1988
Tübatulabal mŏn-ahl trap, deadfall unique other complex Merriam 49:265
Bankalachi Toloim mah-nahl trap (general term) other complex Merriam 49:187
Kawaiisu hya-py trap inheritance *hy7aC Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 2406 other complex Zigmond et al. 1990
Chemehuevi wantyapI, wantyanumpY trap unique other complex Harrington Chemehuevi Noun List (K. Hill 1969)
Southern Paiute missing missing
Southern Ute missing missing
Tümpisa Shoshone (na)kwisi(ngky)nnympy, net, snare inheritance *kwysyC Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 396a derived, other complex Dayley 1989
Big Smokey Valley Shoshone missing missing
Comanche hyary7 trap (general term for all traps) inheritance *hy7aC Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 2406 simplex R
Western Mono hoo-yan'-nŭ snare inheritance *hy7aC Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 2406 derived Merriam 45:307
Northern Paiute tutzekunano snare, any type of trap (with rocks, etc.) unique o-nah-he-an, o-he-ran-nah Merriam 46:445 Lone Pine and Big Pine compound tutzekuna to trap Yerington 1987
Southern Sierra Miwok missing missing
Central Sierra Miwok šíl:e- trap inheritance Proto-Eastern Miwok see Mip simplex Freedland & Broadbent 1960
Northern Sierra Miwok kaTampa- to trap, trap loan Spanish WW %trampa simplex Callaghan 1987
Plains Miwok sil:e- to trap; lash rope traps; Indian traps inheritance Proto-Eastern Miwok see Mics form simplex Callaghan 1984
Lake Miwok túkah trap (and in word for spiderweb, pókkontukah) unique also mowénni from mówen 'to trap' simplex Callaghan 1965
Maidu k'èní trap inheritance *k'en Proto-Maiduan too'-yĕ 'snare' Merriam 41:351 derived kên 'to trap' Shipley 1963
Nisenan po:ky snare made of hair, used only for birds unique derived po: trap birds Uldall & Shipley 1966
Yokuts Yawelmani powon'ey trap (general) inheritance Proto-Yokutsan see Yawd, Palew forms derived po:won 'set a trap' Berman 2002
Yokuts Yawdanchi po-an'-ne snare inheritance Proto-Yokutsan derived from 'set trap', see Yawl. Form Merriam 44:185
Yokuts Palewyami pow>ng-ă trap (general term) inheritance Proto-Yokutsan derived Berman 2002
Washo 7itMálit trap unknown Washo Project Dictionary
Wintu ken k'owčus snare for small game phrase from k'ow- 'peck', referring to the acorn used as bait for birds, rabbits Schlichter 1981
Yuki Tas (Elmendorf form) deersnare, trap inheritance *tas Proto-North Yukian simplex Schlichter 1985
Wappo léw-ma snare for deer unknown derived Elmendorf 1993
Mutsun missing missing
Esselen missing missing
Salinan A tcueyke/'ya trap unknown derived Mason 1918
Salinan M t<a/iL trap unknown simplex Mason 1918
Chumash Obispeno missing missing
Chumash Ineseno 7aqkay' trap unknown simplex Applegate 1972
Chumash Barbareno missing missing
Chumash Ventureno missing missing
Iipay 'Aa oo-kwīp snare unknown simplex Merriam 38:213
Cocopa pcu:pí:T trap unknown simplex Crawford 1989
Mojave chavóove trap unknown han-nee'-kum 'snare' CHM 38:99 derived chavoo=k to trap, snare Munro et al. 1992
Yavapai missing missing
Kiliwa missing missing
Seri (Comcaac) an iquimónaica trap, en que se enredan los pies de uno unknown phrase Moser & Marlett 2005