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Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Etymology Notes Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source
Cahuilla hašla'-il sweat house inheritance *hashla Cupan Stubbs 2011 2252; also huwiačet derived, other complex Seiler & Hioki 1979
Cupeño ha$la'ash sweathouse inheritance *hashla Cupan Stubbs 2011 2252 derived, other complex Hill & Nolasquez 1973
Luiseño ha$lash sweathouse inheritance *hashla Cupan Stubbs 2011 2252 derived, other complex Elliott 1999
Gabrielino se-hi-ēCH sweat house inheritance *soka Takic Stubbs 2011 525 other complex Merriam 49:99
Serrano hujačit sweathouse unknown only Serran other complex K. Hill Dict.
Kitanemuk huyacaw' sweathouse unknown only Serran other complex Anderton 1988
Tübatulabal mūshatt sweathouse loan Yokuts WW %mosh other complex K. Hill Tb>Eng
Bankalachi Toloim mōs' sweathouse (big) loan Yokuts WW %mosh simplex Merriam 49:185
Kawaiisu ty-vi-kahni sweathouse unique all Numic seems to have X-house derived, other complex earth--house (rock is ty-bi) Zigmond et al. 1990
Chemehuevi missing missing
Southern Paiute nAHsa7a-qqanI sweat house unique all Numic seems to have X-house; this similar but not identical to Comanche form compound, derived na-sa7a self-boil Sapir
Southern Ute pAqxaa-gary-ganI sweat lodge, sweat house, sauna unique copound sweat-sitting-houae Givon
Tümpisa Shoshone muusa sweathouse loan Yokuts WW %mosh by way of Tubatulabal? simplex Dayley 1989
Big Smokey Valley Shoshone missing missing
Comanche nasukoo7i kahni sweat house unique quite similar to S. Paiute form but not the same verb phrase R
Western Mono muusa7amatY Sweathouse (a place name) loan Yokuts WW %mosh compound Loether & Bethel 1993
Northern Paiute numu puggwitu ggoonanna sweat house unique taw'-ne (smaller), moo'-sah Merriam 446:363 (menstrual hut to'-ne); same at Lone Pine 46:445 phrase koonga7a to sweat Yerington 1987
Southern Sierra Miwok capy- sweathouse inheritance Proto-Sierra Miwok JHH simplex Broadbent 1964
Central Sierra Miwok čapy/:j:a- sweathouse inheritance Proto-Sierra Miwok JHH other complex suffix -:a Freedland & Broadbent 1960
Northern Sierra Miwok haŋi- sweathouse, roundhouse loan into protolanguage *hang(:)i- Proto-Sierra Miwok Tubatulabal simplex Callaghan 1987
Plains Miwok hane:pu- sweathouse; round house; tunnel; dance house loan Sierra Miwok Callaghan 1971:19,perhaps ultimately Tubatulabal, but I wonder about this and Obispeno Chumash qnipu, and Yuki han 'house'. simplex Callaghan 1984
Lake Miwok lámma sweathouse, round house inheritance *lam:a Proto-Western Miwok Callaghan 1970:43 simplex Callaghan 1965
Maidu k'ùmhy/ sweathouse: "hole house" inheritance *k'úm 'roundhouse Proto-Maiduan Ultan 1964:364; Merriam has tang'-ko-min 41:273 phrase Shipley 1963
Nisenan missing missing
Yokuts Yawelmani moS sweathouse inheritance *mosh Proto-Nim-Yokuts WW %mosh simplex Golla 1964
Yokuts Yawdanchi mosh sweathouse inheritance *mosh Proto-Nim-Yokuts WW %mosh simplex Golla 1964
Yokuts Palewyami moos'-sahn sweat house, council house inheritance Proto-Yokutsan WW %mosh moo'-sahn Merriam 44:479 other complex mus' 'ceremonial house' (open brush) Berman 2002
Washo 7itgumdó7oš Máŋal sweat house unknown derived Washo Project Dictionary
Wintu Li:dunas small individual sweathouse for 4 or 5 people unknown also Lu:t (p. 138) for the big one that holds 50 and is really dancehouse derived Li:da 'throw water on fire' Schlichter 1981
Yuki iwil-han sweathouse unknown compound han 'house' Elmendorf 1993
Wappo hóc'a sweathouse unknown simplex Elmendorf 1993
Mutsun tu:pen sweathouse inheritance Proto-Costanoan Sta. cruz has same word (Henshaw in Heizer 1955) derived Okrand 1977
Esselen missing missing
Salinan A kua:p< sweathouse unknown Proto-Salinan simplex Mason 1918
Salinan M k<Uwap< sweathouse unknown Proto-Salinan simplex Mason 1918
Chumash Obispeno tpu7 temescal unknown simplex Harrington
Chumash Ineseno missing missing
Chumash Barbareno missing missing
Chumash Ventureno missing missing
Iipay 'Aa ep-pis-ă-wah sweathouse unknown derived Merriam 38:211
Cocopa missing missing
Mojave taho7óvye sweathouse unknown drived taho7oy vb Munro et al. 1992
Yavapai t7ōli boil->sweat house unknown Mojave 7ilol 'to boil'??? derived Shaterian 1983
Kiliwa missing missing
Seri (Comcaac) missing missing