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Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Etymology Notes Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source Created By
Cahuilla a'alxe to tell a true story inheritance *7a7al Californian (Takic plus Tubatulabal) Stubbs 2011 1873b simplex root Seiler & Hioki 1979 Jane Hill
Cupeño a'alxi to tell history inheritance *7a7al Californian (Takic plus Tubatulabal) Stubbs 2011 1873b simplex root Hill & Nolasquez 1973 Jane Hill
Luiseño aa'alvi tell a story inheritance *7a7al Californian (Takic plus Tubatulabal) Stubbs 2011 1873b simplex root Elliott 1999 Jane Hill
Gabrielino missing missing Jane Hill
Serrano āv tell about, recount inheritance *7awa Californian (Takic plus Tubatulabal) Stubbs 2011 1873a simplex root K. Hill Dict. Jane Hill
Kitanemuk cici'akin to tell a myth or story inheritance *tyja Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 1877a reduplicated Anderton 1988 Jane Hill
Tübatulabal tü'pinnuka'tawat tell myth unique other complex K. Hill Tb>Eng Jane Hill
Bankalachi Toloim missing missing Jane Hill
Kawaiisu tugwija- to tell a story inheritance *tykwi Numic Stubbs 2011 1876a simplex Zigmond et al. 1990 Jane Hill
Chemehuevi tewi:naga7I to tell myths inheritance *tykwi Numic Stubbs 2011 1876a derived Harrington Chemehuevi Noun List (K. Hill 1969) Jane Hill
Southern Paiute tygwi:nna- to tell a story inheritance *tykwi Numic Stubbs 2011 1876a simplex Sapir Jane Hill
Southern Ute pYsari-nijaj to tell stories, tell a story to (obj is hearer) inheritance *nihya Numic Stubbs 2011 1490 compound Givon Jane Hill
Tümpisa Shoshone natymui tell a story inheritance *ty(N)wa Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 1489, probably, although not noted there derived Dayley 1989 Jane Hill
Big Smokey Valley Shoshone natekwina to tell someone something inheritance *tykwi Numic Stubbs 2011 1876a derived Miller 1972 Jane Hill
Comanche narymu7ikaty tell, relate inheritance *ti(N)wa Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 1489 compound narymu7ipY story, tale R Jane Hill
Western Mono waja- to tell stories (etc.) inheritance *paya Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 1491 -- paya, aya, here is waya, what is going onhere? simplex Loether & Bethel 1993 Jane Hill
Northern Paiute netabu7e be told, tell in a story unique simplex Yerington 1987 Jane Hill
Southern Sierra Miwok 7ute:-nY to tell stories at night inheritance Proto-Sierra Miwok JHH; also 7use:-nY, other complex vb Broadbent 1964 Jane Hill
Central Sierra Miwok missing missing Jane Hill
Northern Sierra Miwok 7ute:n-y- to tell a story (like a fairy tale, something not real) (I regard this as accult. Meaning change JHH) inheritance Proto-Sierra Miwok JHH other complex Callaghan 1987 Jane Hill
Plains Miwok syl:e, sil:e tl tell stories; to tell someone something unique simplex Callaghan 1984 Jane Hill
Lake Miwok lílaw to say, tell (includes 'story') unique simplex Callaghan 1965 Jane Hill
Maidu tújwèj tell stories of long ago, preach inheritance Proto-Maiduan see Nisenan wejda:; betéj 'tell stories' < 'ancient' Ultan 1964:362 other complex tu- is unproductive, probably instrumental prefix Shipley 1963 Jane Hill
Nisenan wejda: tell inheritance *wej Proto-Maiduan Maidu wej 'speech, talk, tell' derived wej 'speak' Uldall & Shipley 1966 Jane Hill
Yokuts Yawelmani ho:li7 to tell a story unknown Merriam confirms to-so 'tell a story' 44:587; Newman has doso at 1944:140 simplex Harrington Jane Hill
Yokuts Yawdanchi missing missing Jane Hill
Yokuts Palewyami missing missing Jane Hill
Washo mušé:gewašá7le tell a story unknown compound muše:gew 'story, bear'; šá7 'tell' Washo Project Dictionary Jane Hill
Wintu bo:la to tell a story, make a speech inheritance *bo:le Proto-Wintun Shepherd 2006:69 derived the way Pitkin treats the morphology, every verb stem is derived Schlichter 1981 Jane Hill
Yuki 7olwi:s tell stories, myths inheritance *7olwihs 'old, animate' Proto-North Yukian derived must be denominal Schlichter 1985 Jane Hill
Wappo missing missing Jane Hill
Mutsun monşe tells unknown kuwa, ko: 105 simplex Okrand 1977 Jane Hill
Esselen humul-pa tell, relate unknown derived suffix -pa see Shaul 1995(216) Kroeber 1902 Jane Hill
Salinan A T'e' tell, say to unknown mal 'tell, show' Turner p. 140 simplex Mason 1918 Jane Hill
Salinan M he/k'a' tell, say unknown also T<e' 'tell, say to' p 147 simplex Mason 1918 Jane Hill
Chumash Obispeno piLhi, L'ipi, pi7i??? decir unknown simplex Harrington Jane Hill
Chumash Ineseno ti-moloq to talk about old times inheritance Proto-Central Chumash B moloq 'a long time ago' derived Applegate 1972 Jane Hill
Chumash Barbareno saqutinan' saqutin'an in Wash 2001:49 tell a story unknown derived Beeler 1978 Jane Hill
Chumash Ventureno tinawajuč to tell stories unknown derived long.ago (plus VB, NMZR) ti-nawaj- 'by.speaking'- Mamet 2008 Jane Hill
Iipay 'Aa akenaa tells a story inheritance Delta-Californian Cocopa knya; naa root is in Kiliwa, may be Proto-Yuman in this meaning simplex Couro & Hutcheson 1973 Jane Hill
Cocopa missing missing Jane Hill
Mojave 7ich kunaav=k tell a story inheritance Proto-Yuman see Yavapai form phrase Munro et al. 1992 Jane Hill
Yavapai kná:vi tell inheritance Proto-Yuman see Mojave form; this is right: derived nominalization is 'story' p. 400 simplex Shaterian 1983 Jane Hill
Kiliwa t+ha7 (w)+naa tell a story unknown phrase ha 'tell' naa narration Mixco 1985 Jane Hill
Seri (Comcaac) coomx tell unknown simplex Moser & Marlett 2005 Jane Hill