fire drill

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subsistence tool
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Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Etymology Notes Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source Created By
Cahuilla koot'-mŭ kutma (with Merriam, ['] is stress, not glottal stop) fire drill (Morongo) unique Palm springs koot-mōp Merriam 48:341 derived Merriam 48:261 Jane Hill
Cupeño mo-hoo'-ne fire drill unique made from meveraxpish H&N 162 derived Merriam 48:501 Jane Hill
Luiseño moorilash fire drill unique Hill/Miller my-01 takic myLi 'twist' derived, other complex Elliott 1999 Jane Hill
Gabrielino to-tah-chah'-vō't fire drill unique contains cha 'fire' derived, other complex stone fire Merriam 49:101 Jane Hill
Serrano nŭ-koo-t-kin'-ne-what fire drill (tin/kin as alternate) unique derived, other complex Merriam 48:179 Jane Hill
Kitanemuk nik-ko'-mah-hah fire drill unknown see Cahuilla word kutma derived, other complex ni-ku-ma-hwa? My-fire-make-INST?? Merriam 48:21 Jane Hill
Tübatulabal ātāwāyisht drill of fire drill unique derived, other complex K. Hill Tb>Eng Jane Hill
Bankalachi Toloim at-tă wi'-eCH fire drill unique Same as Tub but these are really same lg phrase Merriam 49:189 Jane Hill
Kawaiisu kutunuhi- to make fire with drill inheritance *tunuhi Numic See Mono derived has ku- IP Zigmond et al. 1990 Jane Hill
Chemehuevi missing missing Jane Hill
Southern Paiute qutnuni to drill for fire inheritance *tunuhi Numic See Mono simplex tunnu- to drill hole Sapir Jane Hill
Southern Ute missing missing Jane Hill
Tümpisa Shoshone kunnatsi fire drill unique other complex wood-dim Dayley 1989 Jane Hill
Big Smokey Valley Shoshone koso-pin fire drill, match (old word) unique other complex Miller 1972 Jane Hill
Comanche missing missing Jane Hill
Western Mono too-to-no-heet, too-tan'-num-nah fire drill of mountain mahogany (Cercocarpus) inheritance *tunuhi Numic See Kawaiisu, S. Paiute simplex Merriam 45:307 Jane Hill
Northern Paiute too-noo hin-yu fire drill inheritance *tunuhi Numic see W. Mono, Kawaiisu, S. Paiute derived Merriam 46:449 (Lone Pine & Big Pine) Jane Hill
Southern Sierra Miwok kajan-:a- fire drill inheritance Proto-Sierra Miwok Mins kajan:a 'matches' other complex nt Broadbent 1964 Jane Hill
Central Sierra Miwok missing missing Jane Hill
Northern Sierra Miwok missing missing Jane Hill
Plains Miwok missing missing Jane Hill
Lake Miwok missing missing Jane Hill
Maidu sawó fire drill, buckeye inheritance *sa:-wó Proto-Maiduan Ultan 1964:366 derived sa 'fire' Shipley 1963 Jane Hill
Nisenan sa:woho fire drill inheritance *sa:-wó Proto-Maiduan Ultan 1964:366 derived sa: 'fire Uldall & Shipley 1966 Jane Hill
Yokuts Yawelmani wahl'-li fire drill unknown simplex Merriam 44:527 Jane Hill
Yokuts Yawdanchi so-kōt-te' fire drill unknown se'-kit-nē' 'fire drill' Merriam 44:343 derived Merriam 44:187 Jane Hill
Yokuts Palewyami missing missing Jane Hill
Washo bedíli7 fire-drill, match unknown derived bE- prefix WHJ Jane Hill
Wintu t'ili:kus buckeye fire drill inheritance *t'ir 'to twist' Proto-Wintun Shepherd 2005:185 derived Schlichter 1981 Jane Hill
Yuki ahl-hoo'-lŏ, alT!iúdl-mol fire drill unknown compound al, ol 'wood Sawyer & Schlichter 1984 Jane Hill
Wappo missing missing Jane Hill
Mutsun kar"-kah fire drill, made of elderwood (Sambucus glauca) inheritance Proto-Southern Costanoan Rumsen kark (Henshaw in Heizer) simplex Merriam 39:99 Jane Hill
Esselen missing missing Jane Hill
Salinan A missing missing Jane Hill
Salinan M missing missing Jane Hill
Chumash Obispeno ku-li/-mĭ fire drill unknown derived Henshaw (Heizer) Jane Hill
Chumash Ineseno mah-kā-kwā'-dah-nŭ fire drill unknown Proto-Central Chumash derived Merriam 37:519 Jane Hill
Chumash Barbareno k'wo/-no-hi fire drill unknown derived looks like -7i7 inst suffix Henshaw (Heizer 1955) Jane Hill
Chumash Ventureno hup-was-no-ho fire drill unknown derived Henshaw (Heizer 1955) Jane Hill
Iipay 'Aa ko-kahtch fire drill inheritance Delta-Californian Cocopa 7u:ka/ 'fire drill' simplex Merriam 38:213 Jane Hill
Cocopa 7u:ká to make fire with fire drill inheritance Delta-Californian I A ko-katch 'fire drill' simplex Crawford 1989 Jane Hill
Mojave ow'-wah-ke-am' fire drill unknown derived Merriam 38:99 Jane Hill
Yavapai missing missing Jane Hill
Kiliwa missing missing Jane Hill
Seri (Comcaac) caaa fire drill unknown simplex Moser & Marlett 2005 Jane Hill
Yir-Yoront koc firesticks; lizard sp. loan unknown Shared with WMungknh; connection of senses in YY via sorcery Barry Alpher
Gumatj rduttyi(7) inheritance Claire Bowern
Dhangu rduttyi(7) inheritance Claire Bowern
Ritharrngu dhurruman(7) semantic shift Claire Bowern
Dhuwal rduttyi(7) inheritance Claire Bowern
Gupapuyngu dharrawadhay inheritance Claire Bowern
Bardi i:ne inheritance Claire Bowern
Nyulnyul jimar unknown Claire Bowern
Rembarrnga k@rh unique Claire Bowern
Burarra ŋurtka inheritance Claire Bowern
Ngarluma pirtutyula unique Claire Bowern
Yulparija tyanyipuwa inheritance Claire Bowern
Mangala tyimarri loan Claire Bowern
Karajarri tyimarri loan Claire Bowern
Ngumbarl <woobaba:loo> missing Claire Bowern
Warrwa wungkala, bididi loan direction unknown Claire Bowern
Nyangumarta wunkalka loan direction unknown Claire Bowern
Nyikina yanutany loan direction unknown Claire Bowern
Yawuru yarnutany loan direction unknown Claire Bowern
Nimanburru yi:ne inheritance Claire Bowern
Walmajarri kungkala loan direction unknown [also circumcision knife] not in dict in either send; plant name in east WW %tyimari [also circumcision knife] not in dict in either send; plant name in east Patrick McConvell
Mudburra wulmana unknown bama?? Wulmana <plant species used bama?? Wulmana <plant species used Patrick McConvell
Jaru mirntiyityilmi unknown tyimpila blade Patrick McConvell
Gurindji kungkala loan direction unknown tyapirri wrong WW %kungkale tyapirri wrong Patrick McConvell
Gooniyandi kungkala missing firestick tree Premna acuminata firesaw used not drill? Patrick McConvell
Bunuba kungkala loan Jingulu WW %kungkale Patrick McConvell
Gajirrabeng tyingkiny loan direction unknown wilit firestick tree Patrick McConvell
Djapu rduttyi(7) inheritance Claire Bowern
Kija kungkala loan Jingulu kungkulimi, (kungkulunmi), 1.kerosene tree [Premna acuminata] (used for fire-drills; 2. fire-drill; Wanderwortkungkulimi, (kungkulunmi), 1.kerosene tree [Premna acuminata] (used for fire-drills; 2. fire-drill; Wanderwortkungkulimi, (kungkulunmi), 1.kerose WW %kungkale Patrick McConvell
Miriwung kungkale loan Jingulu WW %kungkale Patrick McConvell
Jingulu mirtiyinjilmi unknown Patrick McConvell
Wardaman tyingkiny unknown Premna acuminata Patrick McConvell