red paint

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Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Etymology Notes Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source Created By
Cahuilla kaal red clay (used for painting) unique Merriam has selnekish 'red' 48:257, ispish 'red paint'48:337 (means 'thing to make stripes') other complex Seiler & Hioki 1979 Jane Hill
Cupeño te'xat red face paint inheritance ty7ka Cupan Stubbs 2011 1777; Merriam has mo-oos'-vel (48:495), my mu'ushvel 'red powder for paint' (from iron-bearing algae, see Lu. Section) other complex Hill & Nolasquez 1973 Jane Hill
Luiseño paa'isval red paint made from iron-bearing pond scum unique from *os 'to draw' other complex water-paint-stuff Elliott 1999 Jane Hill
Gabrielino oyi:' (H); ne'e:sen kwaxo:xa' red paint, mi pintura colorada (H:260) unknown is this same as Kawaiisu 7om-by?? simplex Merriam 49:97, Hill Harrington notes 253 Jane Hill
Serrano u:ha:t (H) same as Gab oyi:', but in "S." inheritance *osa Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 711; CHM 48:175 shu-reen'-kah oosh-niv 'red paint' other complex Hill Harrington notes Jane Hill
Kitanemuk ohat ochre, red paint clay, red paint inheritance *osa Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 711; CHM 48:175 shu-reen'-kah oosh-niv 'red paint' other complex Anderton 1988 Jane Hill
Tübatulabal yahhawāl red earth or clay (Merriam 'red paint' 49:261) unique other complex K. Hill Tb>Eng Jane Hill
Bankalachi Toloim waht-se-gun red paint unknown maybe the 'red' word from Kitanemuk and ultimately Yuman? See Tub 'lightning' in basic vocab with washak?? derived this is franly a guess. Too long for canonical root Merriam 49:185 Jane Hill
Kawaiisu 7o(m)-by red ochre; paint or makeup made from powdered red ochre unknown Southern Numic only; is this same as Gab. 7oyi? other complex Zigmond et al. 1990 Jane Hill
Chemehuevi missing missing probably same as 'ochre' Jane Hill
Southern Paiute missing missing Jane Hill
Southern Ute 7ipi-cI red body paint, a mineral used for ceremonial body painting, as for Sundance unique also nuu-7ipi-cI other complex Givon Jane Hill
Tümpisa Shoshone pisappyh, pisappin red ochre, rouge, lipstick, red (face) paint inheritance *pisa, *paisa Numic not in Stubbs other complex Dayley 1989 Jane Hill
Big Smokey Valley Shoshone pisa-ppyh, pisa"-pin(-tta") red ochre, red face-paint clay inheritance *pisa, *paisa Numic not in Stubbs other complex Crapo 1976 Jane Hill
Comanche missing missing Jane Hill
Western Mono pisApi red pigment obtained from clay inheritance *pisa, *paisa Numic not in Stubbs other complex Loether & Bethel 1993 Jane Hill
Northern Paiute pesape red paint inheritance *pisa, *paisa Numic not in Stubbs other complex Yerington 1987 Jane Hill
Southern Sierra Miwok moke- red paint unique simplex Broadbent 1964 Jane Hill
Central Sierra Miwok missing missing Jane Hill
Northern Sierra Miwok missing missing Jane Hill
Plains Miwok missing missing Jane Hill
Lake Miwok missing missing Jane Hill
Maidu heem red paint unique possibly *he:m 'coal'??? simplex Merriam 41:271 Jane Hill
Nisenan kat paint, cosmetics unique simplex Uldall & Shipley 1966 Jane Hill
Yokuts Yawelmani ho7jiw red paint inheritance Proto-Yokutsan CHM 44:523 has only literal trans of English simplex Harrington Jane Hill
Yokuts Yawdanchi hoo'-yu red paint inheritance Proto-Yokutsan Palewyami haw-yu simplex Merriam 44:183 Jane Hill
Yokuts Palewyami haw'-yu, sēp'-woo-tan' red paint (used by women (only)) inheritance Proto-Yokutsan see Yawl, Yawd simplex Berman 2002 Jane Hill
Washo 7itgúmp'a7lušošoŋha rouge (for making one's cheeks red) unknown derived 7it-kM-...šošoŋ 'brownish red', sasaŋ 'red' Washo Project Dictionary Jane Hill
Wintu te:di red, red paint inheritance *tede Proto-Wintun Shepherd 2006:174 simplex Schlichter 1981 Jane Hill
Yuki ah-sitch red paint inheritance *7asič simplex see 'blood' Schlichter 1985 Jane Hill
Wappo missing missing Jane Hill
Mutsun koo-rā red paint unknown kure Mason 1916:436; Henshaw u-tuh< simplex Merriam 39:95 Jane Hill
Esselen missing missing Jane Hill
Salinan A kitpe/lel paint unknown kah-tin Merriam 38:393 reduplicated Mason 1918 Jane Hill
Salinan M missing missing Jane Hill
Chumash Obispeno na-hu-pĭ red paint unknown simplex Henshaw (Heizer) Jane Hill
Chumash Ineseno ta-sŭr red paint inheritance Proto-Central Chumash B tasin 'be red' (Beeler) simplex Henshaw (Heizer) Jane Hill
Chumash Barbareno muns-ma/ red paint unknown derived Henshaw (Heizer) Jane Hill
Chumash Ventureno al-lōk-sta'-hi 7uqštahay 'be red' Mamet 2008:72 red paint unknown and Henshaw derived Merriam 38:19 Jane Hill
Iipay 'Aa a-hwaht red paint inheritance Proto-Yuman simplex Merriam 38:209 Jane Hill
Cocopa missing missing Jane Hill
Mojave itch-ĕ-hwat red paint inheritance Proto-Yuman just 'red' derived Merriam 38:97 Jane Hill
Yavapai missing missing Jane Hill
Kiliwa missing missing Jane Hill
Seri (Comcaac) missing missing Jane Hill
Yir-Yoront wo7 red paint unique Barry Alpher
Nyulnyul bidimarr inheritance Claire Bowern
Nimanburru bidimarr inheritance Claire Bowern
Jabirr-Jabirr bidimarr inheritance Claire Bowern
Yawuru bilyurrbilyurr inheritance Claire Bowern
Warrwa bulliŋun semantic shift Claire Bowern
Ngumbarl <doggul, dogul, doogul> unknown Claire Bowern
Ritharrngu gamuruŋgu unique Claire Bowern
Djinang girnimirni unique Claire Bowern
Yulparija karrku inheritance Claire Bowern
Rembarrnga marnarr unique Claire Bowern
Ngarluma martarr inheritance Claire Bowern
Yan-nhangu miku inheritance Claire Bowern
Gumatj miku(') inheritance Claire Bowern
Dhuwal miku(') inheritance Claire Bowern
Dhangu miku(') inheritance Claire Bowern
Gupapuyngu miku(7) inheritance Claire Bowern
Burarra -mugulumberrpa unique Claire Bowern
Nyangumarta pilyarri inheritance Claire Bowern
Nyikina pilyi unique Claire Bowern
Mangala pilypurr inheritance Claire Bowern
Bardi pitimarr inheritance Claire Bowern
Karajarri punturr punturr unique Claire Bowern
Walmajarri pirlji inheritance red ochre; martarr E dial WW %piltyi Patrick McConvell
Mudburra kalnga unknown WW %kalnga Patrick McConvell
Jaru murtu inheritance Patrick McConvell
Gurindji kalnga unknown murtu red o. mixed with fat WW %kalnga murtu red o. mixed with fat Patrick McConvell
Gooniyandi pilytyi loan Walmajarri Patrick McConvell
Bunuba piltyi missing WW %piltyi Patrick McConvell
Djapu miku(7) inheritance Claire Bowern
Jingulu kalnga loan Mudburra WW %kalnga Patrick McConvell
Kija pate loan Ngarinyin red chre yellow o.kurntultyi; Ngar. patawate direction uncertain Patrick McConvell
Miriwung kamanterang unknown red ochre also tangkang Patrick McConvell