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Flora Fauna Vocabulary (125)
English Spanish Portuguese Semantic Field Part of Speech Linnean Name Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Etymology Notes Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Range of Term Word Structure Word Structure Notes Classifier Classifier Notes Hypernym Source Association with Social Categories Ritual/Mythologically Significant Ritual Notes Food Source Food Notes Medicinal Medicinal Notes How Collected Who Collects How Prepared Psychotropic Psychotropic Notes Traded Trade Notes Distribution Habitat Dangerous Ethnobiology Notes Species Notes General Notes Created By
agile wallaby, river wallaby flora-fauna Macropus agilis kulárr; ming- ming-kulárr wallaby unique simplex
ant (generic) hormiga formiga flora-fauna Formicidae KANTÁRR & MAKÉRR KANTÁRR & MAKÉRR RED ANT & TINY BLACK ANTS unique simplex
Australian pelican flora-fauna Pelecanus conspicillatus máthvrr; mi- mi-máthvrr pelican inheritance *maacurr pPaman simplex
Australian snubfin dolphin flora-fauna Orcaella heinsohnii KUTHÉLTHVW; KO- KO-KUTHÉLTHVW PORPOISE, DOLPHIN unique simplex
baler shell flora-fauna Melo amphora kont & MILPÁR kont & MILPÁR baler shell inheritance *kunti pNortheast Most reflexes mean 'house', but 'clamshell' and 'vagina' are among the others. Poss. pPama-Nyungan. simplex
barn owl flora-fauna Tyto alba CHIW; MINY- MIÑ-CIW BARN OWL, TYTO ALBA inheritance *ciwa pPama-Maric Poss. pPama-Nyungan; attested in Pitta-Pitta & Duungidjawu. Poss. sound-symbolism problem (see YYoront entry) simplex
barramundi flora-fauna Lates calcarifer mvnychén; ko- ko-mvñcén barramundi inheritance *muñcin pPaman Poss. Local; only other attestation is Wik Ngathan. simplex
bat murciélago morcego flora-fauna Chiroptera spp MEL, MI- MI-MEL BAT inheritance *mali simplex
bindii, caltrop flora-fauna Tribulus terrestris missing missing
bird pajaro, ave passaro flora-fauna celc; miñ- miñ-celc bird (small) inheritance *culci Local general term for any small bird sp simplex
black-breasted buzzard flora-fauna Hamirostra melanosternon missing missing
black-faced cuckoo-shrike flora-fauna Coracina novaehollandiae missing missing
black-headed python flora-fauna Aspidites melanocephalus YVLÉNGVRR; MINY- MIÑ-YVLÉNGVRR BLACK-HEADED PYTHON unique simplex
black-soil yam flora-fauna Ipomoea diamantinensis THALNGKÉR; MA- MA-THALNGKÉR IPOMOEA GRAMINEA unique resembles thelngkér 'lotus' (Nelumbo) simplex
bloodwood flora-fauna Eucalyptus (Corymbia) bleeseri pvrréchvl; yok- yok-pvrrécvl bloodwood (long-fruited), Eucalyptus polycarpa inheritance *parricVl pYirrka-KKaper Protoform is poss. *purricVl simplex
blowfly maggots flora-fauna Diptera, Sarcophagidae missing missing
blue-tongue lizard flora-fauna Tiliqua species pvngkérr; mim- mim-pvngkérr blue-tongue lizard inheritance *pangkarra pPama-Nyungan Probably much undetected borrowing (poss. through English) in this etymon. WW %pangkarra simplex
blue-winged kookaburra flora-fauna Dacelo leachii WAKÉL; (MI-) (MI-) WAKÉL KOOKABURRA, DACELO SP. unique simplex
bluebone flora-fauna Choerodon cyanodus missing missing
brolga flora-fauna Grus rubicunda pankéw(, mim-) (mim-)pankéw brolga unique simplex
brown goshawk flora-fauna Accipiter fasciatus CHIMÉCHIMVL CIMÉCIMVL COLLARED SPARROWHAWK (?), ACCIPITER CIRRHOCEPHALUS unique reduplication
brush-tailed possum flora-fauna Trichosurus vulpecula welmp; mi- mi-welmp possum inheritance *wulmpi pPaman Poss. *wulnpi simplex
bush cockroach flora-fauna (many species) missing missing
bush stone-curlew flora-fauna Burhinus grallarius WARRMPÉR; MI- MI-WARRMPÉR CURLEW (BURHINUS SP.) unique simplex
bush tobacco flora-fauna Lobelia quadrangularis yok yok tobacco (Nicotiana, not Lobelia) semantic shift *yuku 'Tree' (etc.) for 'tobacco' is widespread in this area. simplex
bush turkey, Australian bustard flora-fauna Ardeotis australis pelngkél; mim- mim-pelngkél turkey unique simplex
bush yam flora-fauna Vigna lanceolata var. lanceolata wáñcvpv (; ma-) (ma-) wáñcvpv yam, Dioscorea bulbifera loan direction unknown areal As far north as Wik-Mungknh Dioscorea, NOT Vigna or Ipomoea simplex
butterfly, moth mariposa borboleta flora-fauna Lepidoptera missing missing
caterpillar flora-fauna Lepidoptera missing missing
catfish flora-fauna (many species) karréngkvrr; ko- & wvrrkérrvm (; ko-) ko-karréngkvrr & (ko-) wvrrkérrvm catfish (sp., freshwater) & catfish (sp., saltwater) unique simplex
centipede ciempiés centopéia flora-fauna Chilopoda, Myriapoda márngacím márngacím centipede unique compound Simplex (not clear whether divisible as mar-ngacîm or not)?
channel-billed cuckoo flora-fauna Scythops novaehollandiae missing missing
crested pigeon flora-fauna Ocyphaps lophotes MONGKÓRRVMPVL; MI- MI-MONGKÓRRVMPVL SQUATTER PIGEON, GEOPHAPS SCRIPTA unique simplex
darter/cormorant flora-fauna Anhinga melanogaster, Phalacrocorax species KACÁRR; MING- & NGUM; MI- & karrkáw; ming- MING-KACÁRR & MI-NGUM & ming-karrkáw BLACK SHAG, ANHINGA MELANOGASTER & shag, diver, PHALACROCORAX SP. & diver inheritance *ngulma Local, poss. pPaman simplex
death adder, five-minute snake flora-fauna Acanthophis praelongus missing missing
dingo flora-fauna Canis familiaris dingo KUTÉW PAWVLÉM KUTÉW PAWVLÉM DINGO unique compound genus-species
dog (camp, domestic) perro cachorro flora-fauna Canis familiaris kutéw kutéw dog inheritance *kutaka pPaman Poss. Eastern; poss. < 'koala'. Also 'horse' simplex
duck pato pato, marreco flora-fauna Anatidae pvrrénychvl; mim- & trrakéylvy; min- mim-pvrréñcvl & min-trrakéylvy whistle duck & Burdekin duck inheritance *pirriñcVl & *tirrkal Local (both) simplex both
dugong flora-fauna Dugon dugong missing missing
earthworm flora-fauna Annelida, Oligochaeta MURRNGK MURRNGK EARTHWORM unique simplex
emu flora-fauna Dromaius novaehollandiae parráy; mim- mim-parráy emu inheritance *purriwi pPaman Problematic Syn. punhth-thápvl & miñ-warr-thápvl simplex
fish (generic) pez peixe flora-fauna koy koy fish inheritance *kuyu pPama-Nyungan simplex
flower flora-fauna (NA) PÍMPVM(P) PÍMPVM(P) FLOWER, BLOSSOM unique simplex
blowfly/housefly mosca mosca flora-fauna Diptera werrpér werrpér fly unique simplex
flying-fox (generic) flora-fauna (many species) KUMPÁRR; MING- & KEMP; MING- MING-KUMPÁRR & MING-KEMP BLACK FLYING FOX (KUMPÁRR) & RED FLYING FOX (KEMP) unique simplex
freshwater crocodile flora-fauna Crocodylus johnstoni trrényvl; min- min-trréñvl freshwater crocodile unique simplex
freshwater mussel flora-fauna Velesunio wilsoni missing missing
freshwater prawn flora-fauna Macrobrachium rosenbergii WAKÉL WAKÉL WHITE CRAYFISH (I.E. PRAWN?) Inheritance *wakal pPama-Nyungan simplex
frill-necked lizard flora-fauna Chlamydosaurus kingii pvnhthél; mim- mim-pvnhthél frill lizard unique simplex
frog (generic) flora-fauna (many species) KOW-KACHÁL & thenpén KOW-KACÁL & thenpén GREEN FROG & GREEN TREE FROG, bullfrog unique Also ko-kacál 'long-nose frog', a sp. name sometimes used as a generic compound stress-second compound; thenpén is simplex
turtle (generic) flora-fauna (many species) pángarr; mim- mim-pángarr turtle (sp. undetermined) inheritance *pangVrr pSWPaman KThaay to Kurrtjar along the coast; not inland Poss. prototypical, but definitely one sp. among several; wárrvñ 'turtle shell' is poss. criterial for turtles as a taxon simplex
ghost gum flora-fauna Eucalyptus papuana (Corymbia bella) KAKÉRNTVY; YOK- YOK-KAKÉRNTVY WHITE GUM, GHOST GUM, EUCALYPTUS PAPUANA unique Also applied to box wood (E. tectifica) simplex
goanna (generic) or sand goanna flora-fauna Varanus spp thukárr; minh- minh-thukárr goanna (sp not determined, but not qualified as 'small' or 'water') unique simplex
grass hierba, pasto capim, grama flora-fauna (NA) pukán pukán grass inheritance *pukan pPaman Also in Warrgamay; as *puka attested in Karnic simplex
grasshopper flora-fauna Orthoptera PÉNGKVLPARVNY PÉNGKVLPARVÑ grasshopper unique simplex
great bowerbird flora-fauna Chlamydera nuchalis THÚRVRR; (MINH-) (MINH-) THÚRRVR bower bird (Chlamydera nuchalis) unique simplex
green ant flora-fauna Oecophylla smaragdina PVYÁRR PVYÁRR green ant unique simplex
green sea turtle flora-fauna Chelonia mydas PONGKÓ(WV)L; MIM- MIM-PONGKÓ(WV)L SEA TURTLE unique simplex
green tree snake flora-fauna Dendrelaphis punctulata missing missing
head/body lice flora-fauna Pediculus capitis, Pediculus humanus kot kot louse unique simplex
horse caballo cavalho flora-fauna Equus caballus yárrvmvn ~ kutéw yárrvmvn ~ kutéw horse ~ horse, dog loan languages to south and east /kutéw/ as for dog; /yarrvmvn/ is loan WW %yarraman simplex
hummingbird colibrí, picaflor (Peru) beija-flor flora-fauna Trochilidae missing missing BANANA BIRD, ENTOMYOZON CYANOTIS missing
humpback whale flora-fauna Megaptera novaeangliae NGULM NGULM WHALE unique Poss. to *ngulma (KKaper ngum 'diver') simplex
insect (generic) insecto insecto flora-fauna generic missing missing
jungle-fowl (scrub-fowl) flora-fauna Megapodius freycinet kúntvrrvmp; ming- ming-kúntvrrvmp bush turkey unique simplex
kangaroo (generic) flora-fauna Macropodidae yoméch; miñ- miñ-yoméc kangaroo loan direction unknown Yirrk-Mel Not clear which lg. is loan source, but more likely guess is KKaper; in YMel yo-mec is a stress-second compound simplex
land snail flora-fauna Gastropoda MONGÓRR & MONGKÓNT MONGÓRR & MONGKÓNT SNAIL OR SNAIL-LIKE ANIMAL unique simplex
magpie goose flora-fauna Anseranas semipalmata MAPÉNGKVY; MI- MI-MAPÉNGKVY MAGPIE GOOSE unique simplex
military dragon flora-fauna Ctenophorus isolepis, Diporiphora spp., Lophognathus spp. kálchvrr; ming- ming-kálcvrr lizard sp (small; house) unique simplex
mosquito mosquito, zancudo mosquito, carapana flora-fauna Anopheles spp, Isoptera kongól kongól mosquito inheritance *kungulu pPaman Has cognates in Tangkic simplex
mud wasp, hornet flora-fauna (many species) MARRPÉNGKVL & PÍRVNY MARRPÉNGKVL & PÍRVÑ WASP (?) & HORNET unique /pirvny/ < pPama-Maric *piiran(y), Prblem with final *n vs *ñ. BAlpher recorded pirvñ as 'march fly' simplex
native bee flora-fauna (many species) rrelmpélvny; ma- ma-rrelmpélvñ sugarbag unique compound compound Stress-second compound? Or simplex?
native cat flora-fauna Dasyurus wvrrémpvr; mi- mi-wvrrémpvr native cat unique simplex
northern brown bandicoot flora-fauna Isoodon macrourus mukár; mi- mi-mukár bandicoot unique simplex
northern kurrajong flora-fauna Brachychiton diversifolius missing missing
nut tree flora-fauna Terminalia grandifolia PÉLPVKUR; YOK-/MA- & NGARPÉNYCHVL; (YOK-) YOK-/MA-PÉLPVKUR & (YOK-) NGARPÉÑCVL PLUM TREE, TERMINALIA SUBACROPTERA & WILD PASSIONFRUIT TREE, T. PLATYPHYLLA unique /pelpvkur/ is a loan in YYoront -- probably not for ths sp. simplex
octopus flora-fauna Octopus australis missing missing
pandanus palm flora-fauna Pandanus spiralis maléng maléng pandanus unique simplex
paperbark flora-fauna Melaleuca sericea, Melaleuca stenostachya PETH; (YOK-) & pvlépvlvñ (YOK-) PETH & pvlépvlvñ PAPERBARK TREE & BARK, MELALEUCA STENOSTACHYA & M. DEALBATA inheritance *puyku pPama-Nyungan Speculative (via intermediate *pucu); KKaper /e/ not accounted for. simplex /pvllépvlèñ/ is reduplication
peaceful dove flora-fauna Geopelia placida KÓTHVW; MING- MING-KÓTHVW PEACEFUL DOVE, GEOPELIA SP. unique simplex
pearlshell flora-fauna Pinctada spp missing missing
peewee flora-fauna Gryllina cyanoleuca kutílutìk; ming- & PÍTVL; MIM- kutíkutìk; ming- & MIM-PÍTVL peewee unique simplex
pied butcherbird flora-fauna Cracticus nigrogularis missing missing
pike eel flora-fauna Muraenesox arabicus missing missing
praying mantis, stick insects mantis religiosa louva-a-deus flora-fauna Mantodea missing missing
prickle bush flora-fauna Sclerolaena bicornis missing missing
quail (generic) flora-fauna Coturnix species, Turnix species KÉLVNY; MING- & LÓRRVY; MIN- MING-KÉLVÑ & MIN-LÓRRVY QUAIL (TURNIX OR COTURNIX SP.) unique /lorrvy/: probable loan; YY 'lorriyvl/ 'quail spp' presumed as source in view of scarcity of initial /l/ in KKaper simplex
red river gum flora-fauna Eucalyptus camaldulensis PORKÓN; YOK- YOK-PORKÓN EUCALYPTUS CAMALDULENSIS inheritance *porko+ pYirrka-KKaper Also applied to E. grandifolia?? simplex
red-tailed black-cockatoo flora-fauna Calyptorhynchus banksi KÁRRVNGK; MING- MING-KÁRRVNGK RED-TAILED BLACK COCKATOO inheritance *karrangka pPama-Maric Local? Other attestation is in Guwa simplex
riflefish, archerfish flora-fauna Toxotes chatareus pvntálvy pvntálvy riflefish unique simplex
river mangrove flora-fauna Aegicera corniculatum missing missing
rock fig flora-fauna Ficus brachypoda KÓLVNG; YOK-MA- & KOMíNYCHVL; YOK- & YANGÁR; (YOK-) YOK-/MA-KÓLVNG & YOK-KOMÍÑCVL & (YOK-) YANGÁR FIG, FICUS RACEMOSA & SANDPAPER FIG, F. OPPOSITA & BANYAN FIG, F. VIRENS unique simplex /komónychvl/ is poss/ stress-second compound
sacred kingfisher flora-fauna Todiramphus sancta missing missing
saltwater crocodile flora-fauna Crocodylus porosus pvrrchérr; mim- mim-pvrrcérr saltwater crocodile unique simplex
saltwater mussel flora-fauna Mytilidae RRAPÉRR RRAPÉRR SEA MUSSEL unique simplex
sawfish flora-fauna Pristis pectinata WARRÉKAN; (KO-) (KO-) WARRÉKAN SAWFISH unique simplex
scorpion escorpión; alacran escorpião flora-fauna Arachnida, Scorpiones missing missing
shark (generic) flora-fauna Selachimorpha kanhthérr; ko- ko-kanhthérr shark (sp. not identified; not generic) unique simplex
shell (generic) flora-fauna WARNYÉL WARÑÉL SHELL unique simplex ?
short-beaked echidna flora-fauna Tachyglossus aculeatus thvmél+thàmpmvr kàlk-ków; minh- minh-thvmél+thàmpmvr kàlk-ków echidna calque Calque statues attributed on basis of /kalk/ 'spear'; there is much more material in this word compound
snake (generic) culebra, serpiente cobra flora-fauna missing missing
snappy gum flora-fauna Eucalyptus brevifolia missing missing
spider araña aranha flora-fauna Arachnida, Araneae márvl márvl spider unique simplex
spinifex flora-fauna Triodia species missing missing
spoonbills (yellow-billed spoonbill, black-billed spoonbill) flora-fauna Platalea flavipes, Platalea regia KÓPVLPVRVNY; MING- MING-MÓPVLPVRVÑ SPOONBILL, PLATALEA SP. unique simplex ?
stingray (generic) rayas látigo, raya arraia flora-fauna Dasyatidae CHERNT; KO- & PONGKÓM; KO- KO-CHERNT & KO-PONGKÓM STINGRAY unique simplex
stripe-faced dunnart flora-fauna Sminthopsis macroura missing missing
sugarbag wax flora-fauna missing missing
sulphur-crested cockatoo flora-fauna Cacatua galerita YIRRKÁY; MINY- MIÑ-YIRRKÁY sulphur-crested cockatoo, Cacatua galerita unique simplex
swamp eel flora-fauna Ophisternon gutturale missing missing
swamp leech flora-fauna Annelida, Hirudinea mimér & MARÉNYVMVRVNY mimér & MARÉNYVMVRVÑ leech inheritance *mimir pYirrka-KKaper simplex
tawny frogmouth flora-fauna Podargus strigoides PÚRULP; MIM- MIM-PÚRULP TAWNY FROGMOUTH, PODARGUS STRIGOIDES unique simplex
termite mounds, ant hills flora-fauna Isoptera rrvpén & tampánvng & parmán rrvpén & tampánvng & parmán antbed & antbed (big, grows around tree) & antbed (black, grows on tree) inheritance *tipa+ pPama-Nyungan (rrvpén) simplex tampánvng used to hold heat for earth-oven
termites, white-ants comején (Peru), termitas cupim flora-fauna (many species) missing missing
ti-tree flora-fauna Melaleuca bracteata missing
tick garrapata carrapato flora-fauna Arachnida, Acarina missing missing
tiger shark flora-fauna Galeocerdo cuvier NGAMÉLNGAN NGAMÉLNGAN SHARK, E.G. TIGER SHARK unique simplex
torresian crow flora-fauna Corvus orru wárkvl; mi- mi-wárkvl crow unique simplex
tree árbol arvore flora-fauna (NA) yok yok tree, stick inheritance *yuku pPaman Poss. pPama-Nyungan simplex
waterlily flora-fauna Nymphaea macrosperma pínmvkàrrvng; ma- ma-pínmvkàrrvng lily (sweet white [Nymphaea sp]) unique compound ??
wattle flora-fauna Acacia difficilis KARKÁYVRR; YOK- YOK-KARKÁYVRR WATTLE, ACACIA HOLOSERICEA unique Poss. to YYoront kayrr 'A. holoserica' or kayar (indeterminate Leguminosae), < poss. *ka:(r)kayarr simplex
wedge-tailed eagle flora-fauna Aquila audax KUTHÉL, MING- MING-KUTHÉL WEDGE-TAILED EAGLE, AQUILA AUDAX inheritance WW %kucala simplex
willie wagtail flora-fauna Rhipidura leucophrys RRICHÉ(R)NTVY; MIN- MIN-RRICHÉ(R)NTVY WILLIE WAGTAIL unique ??? simplex
witchetty grub flora-fauna (many species) MANÁNYCH MANÁÑC GRUB SP (EDIBLE) unique simplex
woma flora-fauna Aspidites ramsayii missing missing

Ethnographic Information
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