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Language Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Etymology Notes Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source
Cahuilla vuteeya7 bottle loan Spanish WW %botella simplex Sauvel and Munro 1981
Cupeño missing missing
Luiseño missing missing
Gabrielino missing missing
Serrano pahat bottle inheritance *paa-*sa7a Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 2497, this is 'carry water' other complex *paa-sa7a, but not synchronically K. Hill Dict.
Kitanemuk pahatat basket, also basketry water jug, pinyon gum inside unique other complex Anderton 1988
Tübatulabal iwwat water basket, bottle unique other complex K. Hill Tb>Eng
Bankalachi Toloim e-what, e-wut water bottle (large) unique PUA *7i: 'drink' plus INST, probably other complex Merriam 49:191
Kawaiisu 7ooco-zi bottle inheritance *hoCca Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 118 other complex Zigmond et al. 1990
Chemehuevi 7otsA basketry jar inheritance *hoCca Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 118 simplex Harrington Chemehuevi Noun List (K. Hill 1969)
Southern Paiute ot:shA water jar (after gum is put on) inheritance *hoCca Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 118 simplex Sapir
Southern Ute missing missing
Tümpisa Shoshone osa(ttsi) water jug, water basket inheritance *hoCca Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 118 simplex Dayley 1989
Big Smokey Valley Shoshone sy-wocca water bottle, water basket inheritance *hoCca Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 118 ompound Crapo 1976
Comanche otY aawO bottle semantic shift *akwo Numic Stubbs 2011 1717 phrase brown container Robinson & Armagost 1990
Western Mono Osa bottle inheritance *hoCca Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 118 simplex Loether & Bethel 1993
Northern Paiute suu osa willow bottle inheritance *hoCca Uto-Aztecan Stubbs 2011 118 phrase Yerington 1987
Southern Sierra Miwok lem:eta- bottle loan Spanish WW %limida simplex Broadbent 1964
Central Sierra Miwok missing missing
Northern Sierra Miwok wot:e:ja- bottle loan Spanish WW %botella simplex Callaghan 1987
Plains Miwok wot:ej:a- bottle loan Spanish simplex Callaghan 1984
Lake Miwok wotéeja bottle, glass loan Spanish WW %botella simplex Callaghan 1965
Maidu missing missing
Nisenan woteja bottle loan Spanish WW %botella simplex Uldall & Shipley 1966
Yokuts Yawelmani ahCH,ah>ts bottle unknown note o'-sah 'urn or bottleneck' Numic loan simplex Merriam 44:189, 531
Yokuts Yawdanchi missing missing
Yokuts Palewyami choo'-chep-pē bottle, water unknown simplex Berman 2002
Washo k'éteb bottle unknown simplex Washo Project Dictionary
Wintu me:m pulu:q bottle, bucket (lit water basket) inheritance *pHul, *pol Proto-Wintun Shepherd 2006:140; this looks like the Miwokan %pulu words phrase Schlichter 1981
Yuki missing missing
Wappo wote:ya bottle, any piece of glass loan Spanish WW %botella simplex Sawyer 1965
Mutsun oo"-shin water bottle unknown tib-lay small water bottle (JPH) derived Merriam 39:103
Esselen ku7uh winnowing basket, small jug or bottle of liquor Henshaw simplex Kroeber 1902
Salinan A ahts water bottle, large unknown simplex Merriam 38:399
Salinan M missing missing
Chumash Obispeno sipsmu el frasco??? unknown copy of Fages; looks like it may be same word as 'carrying net' simplex Harrington
Chumash Ineseno woteya bottle loan Spanish WW %botella simplex Applegate 1972
Chumash Barbareno wote:ya bottle loan Spanish puhu7 water jug, vessel Beeler 1978:182; h<im water bottle not covered with pitch Henshaw simplex Wash 2001
Chumash Ventureno missing missing
Iipay 'Aa sah-ki water bottle, large, of clay unknown simplex Merriam 38:217
Cocopa lmet bottle loan Spanish WW %limida also xLY7u simplex Crawford 1989
Mojave hah po'-ve water bottle unique although note Kiliwa piip 'weave baskets' and pi7 in 'canteen' phrase Merriam 38:99
Yavapai hàčáyi water pot, thermos bottle unknown compound Shaterian 1983
Kiliwa kul7suuw bottle (modern), large water jar, amphora semantic shift see Mojave, Yavapai 'boat', a container word with kul… simplex Mixco 1985
Seri (Comcaac) hatéeya bottle loan Spanish WW %botella simplex Moser & Marlett 2005
Yanomami mathono (MM07) motʰono (MM07) unique neologism Simplex See Language page
Kotiria garafaka garafaka loan Portuguese Simplex contains classifier? See Language page
Cubeo tãubʉ tãu-bɨ unique Also:tãuhibʉ Derived metal/glass + Classifier bɨ See Language page
Tukano garáfa garáfa missing See Language page
Maihiki yacutada ja jakutada xã unknown See Language page
Hup tód' tód' Semantic shift Probably from 'hollow' Simplex See Language page
Dâw kalap kalap loan Portuguese garrafa Simplex See Language page
Sikuani boteyabü (31) botéjabɨ́ missing See Language page
Macaguan limétbʉ unknown See Language page
Pemon potoro potoro Loan Spanish See Language page
Eñepa kikirin, arijtu (de cristal), arijutr (de litro), masana, mansana. (MM). kikirin, arihtu (de cristal), arihtru (de litro), masana, mansana. (MM). unknown Alternate: arijtu, arijutr, masana, mansana See Language page
Yukuna wíluru wíluɾu unknown Simplex See Language page
Baniwa garáapha gaɻáapʰa loan Portuguese also Wanano garafaka Simplex See Language page
Yawuru barel loan English
Nyulnyul barel loan English
Burarra botyula loan
Gupapuyngu buthulhu(7) loan English WW bottle
Yan-nhangu buthulu loan English WW bottle
Gumatj buthuḻu(') loan English WW bottle
Dhuwal buthuḻu(') loan English WW bottle
Dhangu buthuḻu(') loan English WW bottle
Dhay’yi dhuŋgana unique
Bardi parel loan English WW bottle
Ngarluma patulpa loan English WW bottle
Jaru murrupala unknown
Miriwung mulungun loan direction unknown WW %mulukun glass spearhead 'bottle'
Jingulu murrupala unknown
Paresi balaxoko balaʃoko See Language page
Baure votel votel See Language page
Bora añúro añɯ́ro See Language page
Muinane sáyu (W97) sáju See Language page
Apalai kutei kutei See Language page
Wayana kutei {loan Fr. > Aluku?] kutei {loan Fr. > Aluku?] See Language page
Tiriyó kutei kutei See Language page
Makiritare hote:ya (KH) hote:ja (KH) loan Spanish See Language page
Yabarana puttia See Language page
Yukpa kaneka, tötüria kaneka, tɔtɨria See Language page
Taushiro antu' tovan antuʔtovan See Language page
Tikuna garápá (Alv44) garápá See Language page
Ashuar butí, mutí (Sp.) butí, mutí (Sp.) See Language page
Huambisa mutii mutii See Language page
Aguaruna butíya butíja See Language page
Matses sedunte sedunte See Language page
Yagua putiya (Sp.) putija (Sp.) See Language page
Ingá butilla butiʎa See Language page
Napo Lowland Quichua buti buti See Language page
Piaroa i'cE'nuh iɁsæɁnuh See Language page
Tanimuca pa'dyeru ho'toa pa'djeru ho'toa See Language page
Koreguaje cʉnatʉo kʉnatʉo See Language page
Ocaina fuxóóhcona ɸuxóóʔkona See Language page
Sanumá teia te (Pt) teia te (Pt) See Language page
Iquito huutíiya wutíija (Sp) See Language page
Cavineña botella (C&L89) botella See Language page
Kwazá amũtay, -tay amũtay, -tay See Language page
Lokono botoli botoli bottle Pet 1987:352
Kariña pahtre pahtre bottle Yamada 2010:786