Grammaticalized verbal desiderative

Simple Clauses - Desiderative expressions
Indicates that the subject desires to carry out the action denoted by the verb (distinct from verb 'want', but may be grammaticalized from it)


Language Feature Status Grammatical Notes Source Etymology Notes General Notes Phylogenetic Code
Western Mono
Southern Paiute
Southern Ute
Idaho Shoshone
Northern Paiute
Achagua no info Wilson & Levinsohn 1992
Resígaro yes Almost never with reference to second-person, usually with reference to first-person. Allin, 1976: 339
Bare no info Aikhenvald, 1995
Piapoco no The verb -wawa does this function, but it's an auxiliary. Galindo, 2002: 299
Yukuna yes Shauer & Shauer, 2000: p. 523
Yavitero yes The particle tálima is invariable and doesn't seem to be a verb. Mosonyi, 1987: p. 67
Wapishana yes Santos 2006
Wayuu yes Mansen & Captain 2000: p. 800
Tariana no No mention of a desiderative in mood/modality morphology. Aikhenvald, 2003: 373-399
Apurinã yes Facundes, 2000: 316
Asheninka Apurucayali no Payne 1981; Payne 1982; Payne 1983
Maipure no Zamponi 2003:37-58
Yanesha' yes This is the orthographic form. The grapheme "ñ" probably stands for a palatal nasal. Duff-Tripp 1997:107
Kinikinau no info
Baure yes However, this suffix is called subjective in this grammar. Danielsen 2007:231
Nanti no Michael, 2008. p. 247-290
Paresi no info Rowan 1978, Rowan and Burgess 1979, Brandão 2010
Palikur yes Green and Green 1972:79
Yine yes Matteson 1965
Añun no info Patte 1989
Bora no Seifart - 2005
Makiritare yes Hall 1988: 336
Makushi yes Carson 1982:157
Eñepa yes Tosantos 1977:29
Pemon yes [-te] comes from the word for "chest" and puek is a postposition which has different meaning amog them dative and source de Armellada 1999: 128
Guna yes -bi is short form Smith texts
Naso no verb woydë 'want' Quesada 2000
Ika no Frank 1985:60-104
Kogi no info
Cabecar no Margery 1985:126-8
Guaymí no Quesada 2008:135-6
Damana no info
Sikuani no de Kondo (Vol.1,2) - 1985; Queixalós - 2000
Macaguan no Buenaventura - 1993
Aguaruna yes Overall 2007:354
Northern Emberá no info more likely not Mortense 1999:59-88 Catío
Waorani no info
Ingá yes However, this verbal suffix is restricted in the way that the verb can take only a small set of objects as its arguments like "meat", "water", etc. Levinson 1976b:14
Matses yes Fleck:434
Mapudungun no info Probably not
Páez yes Rojas:416-7
Quechua Ayacuchano no info
Tikuna yes This verbal suffix seems to be of recent grammaticalization since it can appear by itself and it also means "desire". Montes 2004b:50-51
Urarina no info
Waunana no info
Andoke yes verbal suffix -ʌ́to, also suffix on pronoun; glossed "want" Landaburu 1979, p.122-123; 208
Puinave yes Giron 2008: p275
Central Aymara yes The desiderative mood is conveyed by putting together 3 suffixes (the agentive verb nominalizer ri, the verbalizor means 'to be' ya and the potential mood suffix sa) Huayhua Pari 2001: 139, 156, 157
Kakua no info Bolaños fieldnotes
Kaingang no Silva 2011
Minica Witoto yes Minor and Minor 1982, p.18
Hup yes Epps 2008
Nadëb/Roçado dialect no desiderative expressed via full verb Weir 1984, e.g. p.286 ex II.2b
Dâw yes desiderative is expressed by two modals in the clause; particles, not verbal morphology Martins 20045:481
Desano yes Nominalizations formed with the deverbalizer -ro may function as object complement of desiderative verbs. Miller 1999, p.147 The verb root is either gãb˜e- 'want' or a verb root plus the desiderative -dia.
Cubeo yes probably related to verb root '-ɨ' Morse & Maxwell 1999, p. 27
Kotiria yes Stenzel 2004, p. 312
Makuna no Smothermon & Smothermon 1993, p.64-65 not indicated/expected
Koreguaje yes Cook & Criswell 1993, p.82
Barasano yes Adverbial clauses of intention are marked with -rʉa (desiderative) plus nominalizers for gender and number which agree with the subject of the main clause. Jones & Jones 1991, p.156
Tanimuca no Strom 1992, p.159-170
Siona no Apparent that only the verb for "want" is used. Wheeler - 1987:138-168
Tukano yes not a single dedicated suffix, but uses a combination of suffixes: gender/number-ti-' Ramirez 1997: 167
Yanomami yes 1st part comes after person marking clitics, second part comes after aspect (and tense? Ramirez 1994: 311
Ninam no inflected verb used instead Goodwin-Gomez: 98
Sanumá yes "desired fulfillment" Borgman 1990: 196
Surui no info
Karitiana yes Everett 2006:279-80
Nheengatu no Cruz 2011
Paraguayan Guaraní yes Zarratea 2002:101
Aché no info
Kokama no Vallejos 2010
Nyangumarta no 0
Jingulu no 0
Wambaya no info x
Bunuba no info x
Walmajarri no info x
Nyulnyul no info x
Warrwa no info x
Worrorra no 0
Garrwa yes fpro6, 51 1
Gooniyandi yes 1
Warlpiri no info 0
Bardi no 0
Yorta Yorta no 83 0
Yir Yoront
Yindjibarndi no 0
Yidiny no 0
Yanyuwa yes 4 1
Yandruwandha no 130-1 0
Yalarnnga no info x
Woiwurrung no info x
Wirangu no 119-120 0
Wemba-Wemba no H 47-49 0
Warumungu No 22 0
Wangkumara no info X
Uradhi No 363 0
Paakantyi no info X
Pitta-Pitta No 207 0
Pintupi no info x
Nyungar no info x
Nhanta no info x
Ngiyambaa no info x
Ngayawang No info x
Muruwari yes 176 1
Mayi-Yapi No 58 0
Martuthunira no 136-164 0
Marrgany No 316 0
Kuuk Thaayorre No 530 0
Kuku Yalanji no 95 0
Kugu-Nganhcara No 437 0
Kaurna No info x
Kalkatungu no info x
Jaru no info x
Guugu-Yimidhirr No 92 0
Gureng Gureng no info x
Gumbaynggirr no 354-5 0
Gugu-Badhun no info x
Yuwaalaraay no 59 0
Dyirbal No 246-9 0
Duungidjawu yes 114 1
Djinang No 167 0
Diyari no info x
Dharawal no info x
Darkinyung yes 45 1
Bularnu no 74 0
Biri no 39 0
Bidjara-Gungabula no info x
Batyala no info x
Arabana no info x
Alyawarr yes 53 1
Nyikina no 0
Yulparija No 38-41 0
Wathawurrung no info x
Mathi-Mathi no 87 0
Hunter River and Lake Macquarie yes 77 1
Thanggati no 0
Katthang no 91-92 0
Panyjima no 169 0
Ngarinyeri No info x
Kurrama no info x
Yingkarta no? 0
Githabul No 22 0
Gunya No 326 0
Kunjen No 113 0
WesternTorres no info x
Wakaya no 208 0
Yindjilindji no 511 0
Bandjalang No 94 0
Ngaatjatjara No 156 0
Arrernte No 344 0
Kokatha Yes 32 1
Karajarri No 176 0
Pitjantjatjara No G 236 0
Ritharrngu No 105 0
Warrgamay No 52-9 0
Warluwarra yes 869 1
Warnman no info x
Djapu no info x
Bilinarra no info x
Wiradjuri no info x
Aghu-Tharnggala No 70 0
Narungga No info x
Tharrkari No 46 0
Wajarri No 96 0
Warungu no info X
Yagua no Payne and Payne 1990
Baniwa no Ramirez 2001