Gender inflection on adjectives within the NP

Nominal Syntax - Adjectives
There is gender agreement/concord (animate/inanimate or masc/fem, etc.) within the NP, e.g. la casa blanca, el perro blanco


Language Feature Status Grammatical Notes Source Created By Etymology Notes General Notes Phylogenetic Code
Cahuilla Jane Hill
Cupeño Jane Hill
Luiseño Jane Hill
Serrano Jane Hill
Kitanemuk Jane Hill
Kawaiisu Jane Hill
Timbisha Jane Hill
Western Mono Jane Hill
Chemehuevi Jane Hill
Southern Paiute Jane Hill
Southern Ute Jane Hill
Shoshone Jane Hill
Comanche Jane Hill
Idaho Shoshone Jane Hill
Northern Paiute Jane Hill
Gabrielino Jane Hill
Achagua yes Wilson & Levinsohn 1993: 33 Ana Paula Brandao, Aimee Lawrence
Resígaro yes Adjectives show agreement with regard to all nominal suffixes, including classifiers. Allin, 1976: 229 Aimee Lawrence
Bare no They have residual gender marking, but on page 20 she says there is no gender agreement. Aikhenvald, 1995: 20 Ana Paula Brandao, Aimee Lawrence
Piapoco yes Galindo, 2002: 143, 340 Aimee Lawrence
Yukuna yes Adjectives are marked with masculine (unmarked), feminine, or plural markers to agree with the noun they modify. Shauer & Shauer, 2000: 302, Shauer & Shauer, 1978: 44 Ana Paula Brandao, Aimee Lawrence
Yavitero yes In the third person, 'adjectives' take separate suffixes if they are describing a male or female referent. Mosonyi, 1987: p. 56 Aimee Lawrence
Wapishana yes Santos 2006:179 Ana Paula Brandao, Amanda Meeks
Wayuu no Only one glossed example in the section on adjectives--this doesn't have any sort of gender marking. Mansen & Captain, 2000: p. 798 Aimee Lawrence
Tariana yes All adjectives require classifier agreement with the head noun. Aikhhenvald, 2003: 73 Aimee Lawrence
Apurinã n/a The language doesn’t have adjectives Facundes, 2000: 432-344 Aimee Lawrence
Asheninka Apurucayali yes agreement with noun Mihas 2010:143 Daniel Smith
Maipure no Zamponi 2003:30 Amanda Meeks
Yanesha' yes This is restricted to the classifier the adjective may take; the adjective do not agree with the head noun in number or person Duff-Tripp 1997:52 Daniel Valle
Kinikinau no Couto 2005:48 Daniel Valle
Baure yes There are three classes of roots: 2 of which show agreement. Danielsen 2007: p156 Mitz Perez
Nanti no Derived adjectives do not exhibit animacy or gender agreement. Among derived adjectives, gender and animacy agreement is rare. Michael, 2008. p. 311-312 Aimee Lawrence
Paresi no info Rowan 1978, Rowan and Burgess 1979, Brandão 2010 Daniel Valle
Palikur yes Green and Green 1972:57 Daniel Valle
Yine no info Matteson 1965 Daniel Smith
Añun yes Patte 1989:60 Daniel Smith
Bora no Seifart - 2005:77-103 Amanda Meeks
Makiritare no Hall 1988 Melody Ann Ross
Makushi no "There are no adjectives. Only nouns occur to modify nouns in noun phrases" Abbott 1991: 129 Melody Ann Ross
Eñepa no gender is not a relevant grammatical category Payne 2012 Daniel Smith
Pemon no de Armellada 1999: 253, 254 Shannon Dardis
Guna no Smith texts Daniel Smith
Naso no Quesada 2000 Daniel Smith
Ika no Based on the examples Frank 1990:19-20 Daniel Valle
Kogi no Celedón 1886:9 Daniel Valle
Cabecar no info Daniel Valle
Guaymí no Quesada 2008:54 Daniel Valle
Damana no Daniel Valle
Sikuani yes de Kondo (Vol.1,2) - 1985; Queixalós - 2000:5 Amanda Meeks
Macaguan no Buenaventura - 1993 Amanda Meeks
Aguaruna no Overall 2007:137-41 Daniel Valle
Northern Emberá no Aguirre 1999:43-4 Daniel Valle Chamí
Waorani no info Daniel Valle
Ingá no Levinson 1974:30 Daniel Valle
Matses no Fleck:462-521 Daniel Valle
Mapudungun no Zúñiga 2006, p. 187-9 Daniel Valle
Páez no info Daniel Valle
Quechua Ayacuchano no The adjective can take case suffixes when it appear alone in the NP Parker 1965:33, Perroud 1973:25 Daniel Valle
Tikuna no Montes 2004b:55-80 Daniel Valle
Urarina no Olawsky:187-204 Daniel Valle
Waunana no info Daniel Valle
Andoke no info Kelsey Neely
Puinave no However, the "qualificative" word agrees in number with the NP head Giron 2008: p296-303 Mitz Perez, Daniel Valle
Central Aymara no Huayhua Pari 2001: 216 to 218 Shannon Dardis
Kakua no proclitics? Bolaños fieldnotes Katherine Bolaños
Kaingang no not likely, since nouns do not mark gender Silva 2011/Goncalves 2011 Daniel Smith
Minica Witoto no Minor and Minor. 1982. p.31 Christopher Clack
Hup no Epps 2008 Pattie Epps
Nadëb/Roçado dialect no Weir 1984 Katherine Bolaños
Dâw no Martins 2004 Katherine Bolaños
Desano yes Miller 1999, p. 51 Chris Clack These modifiers usually follow the head noun. However, they most often replace the head as a relative clause or a nominalized form followed by a classifier.
Cubeo yes Adjectives are inflected to agree in gender and number with the noun they modify (even if that noun is not overt.) Morse & Maxwell 1999, p. 126 Amanda Novak; note addition by Chris Clack
Kotiria yes Stenzel 2004, p. 202 Amanda Novak
Makuna no Smothermon & Smothermon 1993, p.41 Chris Clack
Koreguaje yes Cook & Criswell 1993, p.36-38 Chris Clack
Barasano yes A descriptive noun phrase is formed by a stative verb followed by a gender-number marker or nominalizer. Jones & Jones 1991, p.63 Chris Clack or a participle and a classifier or, for humans, the word bãs- 'human' plus gender-number marker.
Tanimuca no The great majority of both adjectives and nouns end with the neuter noun class suffixes -a or -ka Strom 1992, p.23-27 Chris Clack
Siona no Very limited instances. may agree with gender of the inanimate noun it modifies. Wheeler - 1970:144 Daniel Smith
Tukano yes animacy and number at least West and Welch 2004: 62-63 Kelsey Neely
Yanomami no Lizot 1996: 32-3, Ramirez 1994: various examples Kelsey Neely evidenced by various examples in Lizot and Ramirez
Ninam no Goodwin-Gomez Kelsey Neely no evidence for this.
Sanumá no Borgman: p. 209 Kelsey Neely no mention of this, probably not
Surui no info Daniel Valle
Karitiana no Everett 2006:296, 308-12 Daniel Valle
Nheengatu no Cruz 2011 Daniel Smith
Paraguayan Guaraní no Krivoshein and Acosta 2001:89 Daniel Valle
Aché no info Daniel Valle
Kokama no author only discusses adj.-like VPs. Adj word class not apparent Vallejos 2010 Daniel Smith
Nyangumarta no done 0
Jingulu yes done 1
Wambaya yes done 1
Bunuba no done 0
Walmajarri no Done-Claire 0
Nyulnyul no done? 0
Warrwa no done 0
Worrorra yes 47 done 1
Garrwa no done 0
Gooniyandi no done 0
Warlpiri no done 0
Bardi no done-Claire 0
Yugambeh Y?
Yorta Yorta no 59 done 0
Yir Yoront Done-Dan
Yindjibarndi no done-Dan 0
Yidiny no done-Catherine 0
Yanyuwa no info Done-Austin x
Yandruwandha no Done-Dan 0
Yan-nhangu not yet
Yalarnnga no Done-Dan 0
Woiwurrung no done-Amalia 0
Wirangu No 45 done 0
Wemba-Wemba no H 26 done-Amalia 0
Warumungu N/A 43-45 done-Amalia 0
Wangkumara no info done X
Uradhi N/A 334 Y 0
Paakantyi no Y-Hannah 0
Pitta-Pitta N/A Done-Amalia 0
Pintupi no done-Hannah 0
Nyungar no info done x
Nhanta no Done-Hannah 0
Ngiyambaa no Done-Emily 0
Ngayawang No 9 done-Amalia 0
Muruwari no Done-Dan 0
Mayi-Yapi No 34 done 0
Martuthunira no 63-99 done 0
Marrgany N/A Done-Amalia 0
Kuuk Thaayorre N/A 87 Done-Amalia 0
Kuku Yalanji no Done-Jessica 0
Kugu-Nganhcara N/A 386 done-Amalia 0
Kaurna N/A done-Amalia 0
Kalkatungu no Done-Dan 0
Jaru n/a 51 Done-Amalia 0
Guugu-Yimidhirr N/A Done-Amalia 0
Gureng Gureng no info Done-Amalia x
Gumbaynggirr no 252 done-Amalia 0
Gugu-Badhun no done-Jessica 0
Yuwaalaraay N/A 30 0
Dyirbal No 61 done-Amalia 0
Duungidjawu no 24 done 0
Djinang No 196 Done-Amalia 0
Djabugay done
Diyari no 95; 97-98 done-Hannah 0
Dharawal no info done-Hannah w Dhurga) x
Darkinyung no 49 done 0
Bularnu n/a Done-Austin 0
Biri no info done-Jessica x
Bidjara-Gungabula no done-Jessica 0
Batyala no info Done-Amalia x
Arabana n/a Done-Dan 0
Alyawarr no done 0
Nyikina no done-Claire 0
Yawuru Y-Claire
Yulparija N/A 20 Done-Amalia 0
Wathawurrung no done 0
Mathi-Mathi no 73 done-Amalia 0
Hunter River and Lake Macquarie n/a done-Amalia 0
Thanggati n/a done 0
Katthang no 33 done-Amalia 0
Panyjima no done 0
Ngarinyeri N/A done-Amalia 0
Kurrama no done-Dan 0
Yingkarta no Done-Claire 0
Githabul yes 20 Done-Amalia 1
Gunya N/A Done-Amalia 0
Kunjen No 68 Done- 0
WesternTorres no FO 123-4, 138 done 0
Wakaya no done 0
Yindjilindji n/a done 0
Bandjalang yes 31 Done-Amalia 1
Ngaatjatjara No 40 done 0
Arrernte N/A 86 0
Kokatha No 56 0
Karajarri N/A 71 Done-Amalia 0
Pitjantjatjara No G 48 0
Ritharrngu No 34 Done-Amalia 0
Warrgamay N/A 28 Done-Amalia 0
Warluwarra no Done-Amalia 0
Warnman N/A 14 Done-Amalia 0
Djapu no 0
Bilinarra no done 0
Wiradjuri no m287 done 0
Aghu-Tharnggala No 61 Y2 0
Narungga N/A 63 done 0
Tharrkari N/A 15 0
Wajarri No 39 0
Warungu no 0
Adnyamathanha Y2
Yagua no no gender marked in Yagua Payne and Payne 1990 Daniel Smith
Baniwa yes Ramirez 2001 Patience Epps