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Basic Vocabulary (186)
English Spanish Portuguese Semantic Field Part of Speech Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Etymology Notes General Notes Source
1pl.excl nosotros (exclusivo) nós (exclusivo) grammar missing
1pl.incl nosotros (inclusivo) nós (inclusivo) grammar unknown
1sg yo eu grammar inheritance
2pl ustedes vocês grammar inheritance
2sg xx xx grammar inheritance
3pl ellos/ellas eles/elas grammar inheritance
3sg el/ella ele/ela grammar unique
above encima, arriba acima location missing
again de nuevo, otra vez de novo grammar missing
all todo todos other missing
and y e grammar missing
ankle tobillo tornozelo body inheritance
armpit axila, sobaco axila body inheritance
ashamed xx xx mental missing
ashes xx xx environment unique
at en, a em, a location missing
back espalda costas body inheritance
bad mal mal quality inheritance
be alive xx xx body missing
belly barriga barriga body unique
below abajo, debajo abaixo location missing
big grande grande quality unique
bite morder morder body gEndurr (C&C) gEndurr (C&C) loan
black negro preto colour unique
blood sangre sangue body inheritance
blow soplar soprar body missing
blunt xx xx quality missing
bone hueso osso body inheritance
boomerang xx xx manufacture ka:rli ka:rli loan into proto-language
breast pecho, seno peito body inheritance
breathe respirar respirar body inheritance
burn quemar queimar environment inheritance
chew masticar, mascar mastigar body missing
child niño, niña criança human unique
climb subir subir motion inheritance
cloud nube nuvem environment inheritance
cold frío frio quality unique
come venir vir motion inheritance
cook cocinar cozinhar impact unique
count contar contar mental missing
cry llorar chorar mental inheritance
cut xx xx impact missing
die/be dead morir morrer state missing
dig cavar cavar impact inheritance
dingo/wolf fauna unique
dirty sucio sujo quality missing
dream soñar sonhar mental missing
drink beber, tomar beber body inheritance
dry seco seco quality missing
dust polvo poeira environment inheritance
ear oreja orelha body inheritance
earth/soil tierra terra environment inheritance
eat comer comer body inheritance
egg huevo ovo fauna unknown
eye ojo olho body inheritance
faeces heces, mierda, excremento, estiércol fezes body unknown
fall caer cair motion missing
far lejos longe quality missing
fat/grease grasa gordura body missing
father padre, papá pai kinship unique
fear miedo medo mental missing
feather pluma pena fauna missing
fire fuego fogo environment inheritance
fish xx xx fauna ˈkɑwɪ ˈkɑwɪ loan
flow fluir fluir motion missing
flower flor flor environment inheritance
fly volar voar motion inheritance
fog niebla, neblina nevoeira, bruma, neblina environment inheritance
foot pie body inheritance
fruit fruta fruta flora missing
good bueno bom quality unique
grow crecer crescer state missing
hair (of head) cabello cabelo body inheritance
hand mano mão body inheritance
head cabeza cabeça body inheritance
hear oír ouvir mental unique
heavy pesado pesado quality unique
hide esconder esconder motion missing
hit golpear, pegar bater impact unique
hit (with hand) xx xx impact missing
hold correr, asegurar, sostener segurar other missing
how? como como grammar unique
if si se grammar missing
in/inside dentro, adentro dentro location missing
intestines intestinos intestinos body missing
itch hormiguear, sentir comezón coçar body missing
kill matar matar impact missing
know/be knowledgeable saber, conecer saber, conhecer mental missing
lake lago lago environment missing
laugh reír rir mental inheritance
leaf hoja folha environment unique
left/left hand izquierdo esquerdo location/body unique
leg/foot pierna perna body missing
lie down acostarse, echarse deitar motion inheritance
lightning rayo, relámpago relampago environment missing
liver hígado figado body inheritance
long largo comprido, longo quality inheritance
louse piollo, piojo piolho fauna inheritance
lung pulmón pulmão body unique
man/male hombre homem human missing
meat/flesh carne carne fauna inheritance
moon luna lua environment unique
mother madre, mamá mãe kinship inheritance
mouth boca boca body inheritance
name nombre nome human inheritance
nape base del cuello, nuca nuca body missing
near/close cerca de perto quality inheritance?
neck cuello pescoço body inheritance
new nuevo novo quality missing
night noche noite time unique
no/not no não grammar inheritance
nose nariz nariz body inheritance
old viejo velho quality missing
one uno um number unique
open/uncover abrir abrir other missing
other otro outro grammar unique
person/human being persona pessoa human unique
pimple xx xx body missing
rain lluvia chuva environment inheritance
red rojo vermelho colour unknown
right/right hand derecha direita location/body inheritance
road/path camino caminho manufacture inheritance
roof xx xx manufacture missing
root raíz raiz flora unique
rotten podrido podre quality missing
sand arena areia environment unique
say decir dizer mental missing
scratch rascar rasgar impact missing
see ver ver mental inheritance
sharp afilado, filudo, filoso afiado quality missing
shoot tirar, disparar, balear atirar impact missing
short corto curto quality unique
shoulder hombro ombro body unique
sick xx xx body unique
sit sentar(se) sentar state inheritance
skin piel pele body inheritance
sky cielo céu environment inheritance
sleep dormir dormir body inheritance
small pequeño pequeno quality inheritance
smell (tr/intr) xx xx body unique
smoke humo fumaça environment unique
spit escupir cuspir body inheritance
split partir, dividir rachar, dividir, partir impact missing
squeeze estrujar, exprimir espremer impact missing
stab/pierce apuñalar, acuchillar apunhalar impact unique
stand estar de pié ficar em pé state inheritance
star estrella estrela environment inheritance
steal robar roubar other missing
stone piedra pedra environment inheritance
suck chupar chupar body missing
sun sol sol time inheritance
sweat sudar suor, suar body unique
swell hincharse inchar body missing
swim nadar nadar motion unique
tail cola, rabo rabo body inheritance
that ese/esa esse grammar unique
thick grueso, gordo, espeso grosso quality missing
thin delgado fino quality missing
think pensar pensar mental missing
this este/esta este grammar unique
three tres tres number unique
throat garganta garganta body unique
throw tirar, lanzar atirar, jogar impact missing
thunder truenos trovão environment missing
tie up/fasten atar, amarrar amarrar impact missing
tongue lengua lingua body inheritance
tooth diente dente body inheritance
true xx xx quality missing
turn girar, volter, torcer virar other missing
two dos dois number inheritance
vomit vomitar vomitar body inheritance
walk caminar, andar andar motion unique
water agua agua environment ngawa ngawa loan into proto-language?
wet mojado molhado quality missing
what? que, qué que grammar inheritance
when? cuando quando grammar inheritance
where? donde onde grammar inheritance
white blanco branco colour inheritance
who? quien, quién quem grammar inheritance
wife esposa esposa kinship inheritance
wind viento vento environment missing
wing ala asa body unique
woman/female mujer mulher human inheritance
work trabajar trabalhar other ˈŋɑyɑ ʼworkʼ ˈŋume ˈŋɑyɑ ʼworkʼ ˈŋume loan English
yawn bostezar bocejar body missing
yellow amarillo amarelo colour ˈkumbɪl ˈkumbɪl loan into proto-language

Flora Fauna Vocabulary (9)
English Spanish Portuguese Semantic Field Part of Speech Linnean Name Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Etymology Notes Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Range of Term Word Structure Word Structure Notes Classifier Classifier Notes Hypernym Source Association with Social Categories Ritual/Mythologically Significant Ritual Notes Food Source Food Notes Medicinal Medicinal Notes How Collected Who Collects How Prepared Psychotropic Psychotropic Notes Traded Trade Notes Distribution Habitat Dangerous Ethnobiology Notes Species Notes General Notes
tree árbol arvore flora-fauna unique
ant (generic) hormiga formiga flora-fauna missing
bird pajaro, ave passaro flora-fauna inheritance
blowfly/housefly mosca mosca flora-fauna missing
dog (camp, domestic) perro cachorro flora-fauna inheritance
grass hierba, pasto capim, grama flora-fauna unique
kangaroo (generic) flora-fauna missing
snake (generic) culebra, serpiente cobra flora-fauna inheritance
spider araña aranha flora-fauna missing

Cultural Vocabulary (8)
English Spanish Portuguese Semantic Field Part of Speech Orthographic Form Phonemicized Form Gloss as in Source Etymology Code Proto-Form Proto-Language Loan Source Wanderwort Status Etyma Set Etymology Notes Word Structure Word Structure Notes General Notes Source
rope/string mecate, cuerda, soga corda culture missing
bottom grinding stone manufacture missing
digging stick subsistence tool inheritance
winnow aventar, tirar (sementes) joeirar manufacture missing
top grinding stone metate, mano; piedra de moler metate, mano manufacture missing
spearthrower subsistence tool inheritance
spear lanza lança subsistence tool inheritance
house other wa:ndam, mayara wa:ndam, mayara loan Kriol

Ethnographic Information
Current Population (speakers) Former Population Estimate Subsistence Preference Density Sedentism Ecotome Marriage Pattern Notes Source
small HG low mobile